Population 66,083
State Wisconsin
County Winnebago County
Current Time
Zip Codes 54901-54904, 54906


Aurora Medical Ctr Oshkosh

Address: 855 N Westhaven Drive Phone: (920) 456-6000

Mercy Medical Center Of Oshkosh

Address: 500 S Oakwood Rd Phone: (920) 223-2000


Oshkosh Correctional Institution

Address: 1730 Snell Rd Phone: (920) 231-4010

Traeger Elementary

Address: 3000 West 20Th Ave Phone: (920) 424-0221

Traeger Middle

Address: 3000 West 20Th Ave Phone: (920) 424-0065

E Cook Elementary

Address: 1600 Hazel St Phone: (920) 424-0152

Jefferson Elementary

Address: 244 West 11Th Ave Phone: (920) 424-0165

Lakeside Green Meadow Elementary

Address: 4991 South Us Hwy 45 Phone: (920) 424-0131

Oaklawn Elementary

Address: 112 Viola Ave Phone: (920) 424-0170

Merrill Middle

Address: 108 West New York Ave Phone: (920) 424-0177

North High

Address: 1100 West Smith Ave Phone: (920) 424-7000

West High

Address: 375 North Eagle St Phone: (920) 424-4090

Read Elementary

Address: 1120 Algoma Blvd Phone: (920) 424-0172

Tipler Middle

Address: 325 South Eagle St Phone: (920) 424-0320


Outagamie County Regional Airport

Code: ATW

Pioneer Airport

Code: WS17

Larson Airport

Code: WI91

Pfaffenroth Private Airport

Code: WI74

Happy Jacks Air Strip

Code: WI73

Edinger Field

Code: WI48

Fun-Air Airport

Code: WI46

Fond du Lac County Airport

Code: KFLD

Courtney Plummer Airport

Code: 9WN1

Nett Construction Airport

Code: 7WI9

Brennand Airport

Code: 79C

Sky Diving Airport

Code: 64WI

Gallinger Airport

Code: 51WI

Earl's Air Park

Code: 50WI

Oshkosh Sky Ranch Airport

Code: 2WN8

Planeacres Airport

Code: 2WN7

Williams Airport

Code: 1WI1

Flying Feathers Airport

Code: 11Y

With Wings And A Halo Airport

Code: 0WI7

Zink Airport

Code: 03WI


Mercy Medical Center Heliport

Code: WS50