Population 72,623
State Wisconsin
County Outagamie County
Current Time
Zip Codes 54911-54915, 54919


Appleton Medical Center

Address: 1818 N Meade St Phone: (920) 731-4101

St Elizabeth Hospital

Address: 1506 S Oneida St Phone: (920) 738-2000


Badger Elementary

Address: 501 South Bluemound Dr Phone: (920) 832-6264

West High

Address: 610 North Badger Ave Phone: (920) 832-6219

East High

Address: 2121 Emmers Dr Phone: (920) 832-6212

Einstein Middle

Address: 324 East Florida Ave Phone: (920) 832-6240

Columbus Elementary

Address: 913 North Oneida St Phone: (920) 832-6232

Edison Elementary

Address: 412 North Meade St Phone: (920) 832-6235

Franklin Elementary

Address: 2212 North Jarchow St Phone: (920) 832-6246

Highlands Elementary

Address: 2037 North Elinor St Phone: (920) 832-6250

Huntley Elementary

Address: 2224 North Ullman St Phone: (920) 832-6255

Jefferson Elementary

Address: 1000 South Mason St Phone: (920) 832-6260

Johnston Elementary

Address: 2725 East Forest St Phone: (920) 832-6265

Lincoln Elementary

Address: 1000 North Mason St Phone: (920) 832-6270


Outagamie County Regional Airport

Code: ATW

Wolfgram Airport

Code: WS22

Five Corners Airways Airport

Code: WS08

Larson Airport

Code: WI91

Rocket City Airport

Code: WI22

Shiocton Airport

Code: W34

Antique Aerodrome

Code: 9WS2

Courtney Plummer Airport

Code: 9WN1

Black Otter Airport

Code: 9WI1

Wolf River Landing Strip

Code: 8WI5

Brennand Airport

Code: 79C

Gallinger Airport

Code: 51WI

Earl's Air Park

Code: 50WI

Mark's Park & Airfield

Code: 3WN4

Dalonia Airport

Code: 32WI

C. R. Acres Airport

Code: 2WS3

Curns Airport

Code: 2WN3

Flying Feathers Airport

Code: 11Y

With Wings And A Halo Airport

Code: 0WI7


Kaukauna Community Hospital Heliport

Code: WI80

Theda Clark Regional Medical Center Heliport

Code: WS35