Population 25,501
State Wisconsin
County Winnebago County
Current Time
Zip Codes 54956, 54957


Theda Clark Medical Center

Address: 130 2Nd St Phone: (920) 729-3100


Coolidge Elementary

Address: 321 Alcott Dr Phone: (920) 751-6955

Horace Mann Middle

Address: 1021 Oak St Phone: (920) 751-6940

Clayton Elementary

Address: 2916 West Fairview Rd Phone: (920) 751-6950

Hoover Elementary

Address: 950 Hunt Ave Phone: (920) 751-6960

Roosevelt Elementary

Address: 215 East Forest Ave Phone: (920) 751-6970

Spring Road Elementary

Address: 1191 County Rd Ii Phone: (920) 751-6975

Neenah High

Address: 1275 Tullar Rd Phone: (920) 751-6900

Tullar Elementary

Address: 925 Tullar Rd Phone: (920) 751-6985

Wilson Elementary

Address: 920 Higgins Ave Phone: (920) 751-6995

Shattuck Middle

Address: 600 Elm St Phone: (920) 751-6850

Taft Early Learning Center

Address: 133 South Western Ave Phone: (920) 751-6980

Lakeview Elementary

Address: 1645 South Commercial St Phone: (920) 751-6965


Outagamie County Regional Airport

Code: ATW

Wolfgram Airport

Code: WS22

Pioneer Airport

Code: WS17

Five Corners Airways Airport

Code: WS08

Larson Airport

Code: WI91

Rocket City Airport

Code: WI22

Courtney Plummer Airport

Code: 9WN1

Black Otter Airport

Code: 9WI1

Brennand Airport

Code: 79C

Sky Diving Airport

Code: 64WI

Gallinger Airport

Code: 51WI

Earl's Air Park

Code: 50WI

Mark's Park & Airfield

Code: 3WN4

Dalonia Airport

Code: 32WI

Oshkosh Sky Ranch Airport

Code: 2WN8

Flying Feathers Airport

Code: 11Y

With Wings And A Halo Airport

Code: 0WI7


Theda Clark Regional Medical Center Heliport

Code: WS35