Population 63,268
State Connecticut
County Hartford County
Current Time
Zip Codes 6107, 6110, 6117, 6119, 6127, 6133, 6137


Hebrew Home And Hospital Inc

Address: 1 Abrahms Boulevard Phone: (860) 523-3800


University Of Hartford Multiple Intelligences Magn

Address: 196 Bloomfield Ave Phone: (860) 236-2899

Aiken School

Address: 212 King Philip Dr Phone: (860) 233-6994

Bugbee School

Address: 1943 Asylum Ave Phone: (860) 233-1234

Braeburn School

Address: 45 Braeburn Rd Phone: (860) 561-2200

Charter Oak Academy

Address: 425 Oakwood Ave Phone: (860) 233-8506

Conard High School

Address: 110 Beechwood Rd Phone: (860) 521-1350

King Philip Middle School

Address: 100 King Philip Dr Phone: (860) 233-8236

Duffy School

Address: 95 Westminster St Phone: (860) 521-0110

Hall High School

Address: 975 North Main St Phone: (860) 232-4561

Morley School

Address: 77 Bretton Rd Phone: (860) 233-8535

Webster Hill School

Address: 125 Webster Hill Blvd Phone: (860) 521-0320

Sedgwick Middle School

Address: 128 Sedgwick Rd Phone: (860) 521-0610


Waterbury Airport

Code: N41

Meriden Markham Municipal Airport

Code: KMMK

Hartford Brainard Airport

Code: KHFD

Skylark Airpark

Code: K7B6

Robertson Field

Code: K4B8

Green Acres Airport

Code: CT96

Roberts Farm Airport

Code: CT85

Laurie Field

Code: CT19

Wysocki Field

Code: CT15

Bancroft Airport

Code: CT14

Heckler Field

Code: CT09

Ellington Airport

Code: 7B9

Simsbury Airport

Code: 4B9


N B G H Heliport

Code: 0CT3

St Francis Hospital Heliport

Code: 0CT5

Hartford Hospital Heliport

Code: 0CT9

Electro-Methods Inc Heliport

Code: CT00

Kaman Aerospace Corp Heliport

Code: CT05

Delta One Heliport

Code: CT06

United Technology Corp. Heliport

Code: CT17

State Emergency Heliport

Code: CT18

H O Penn-1 Heliport

Code: CT22

Corporate Ridge Heliport

Code: CT26

Veterans Home & Hospital Heliport

Code: CT28

Corporate Center Heliport

Code: CT38

Plainville Heliport

Code: CT49

Twin Manufacturing Company Heliport

Code: CT62

Otis Helistop Division of Utc Heliport

Code: CT71

Cigna Heliport

Code: CT72

South Meadows Heliport

Code: CT73

Hurlbrink Heliport

Code: CT75

Rentschler Heliport

Code: CT88