Population 73,206
State Connecticut
County Hartford County
Current Time
Zip Codes 6050-6053


Hospital Of Central Connecticut, The

Address: 100 Grand Street Phone: (860) 224-5011


E. C. Goodwin Technical High School

Address: 735 Slater Rd Phone: (860) 827-7736

Roosevelt Middle School

Address: 40 Goodwin St Phone: (860) 224-9557

Diloreto Magnet School

Address: 732 Slater Rd Phone: (860) 223-2885

Chamberlain School

Address: 120 Newington Ave Phone: (860) 224-0493

Holmes School

Address: 2150 Stanley St Phone: (860) 223-8294

Gaffney School

Address: 322 Slater Rd Phone: (860) 225-6247

Jefferson School

Address: 140 Horse Plain Rd Phone: (860) 223-8007

Lincoln School

Address: 145 Steele St Phone: (860) 229-2564

Pulaski Middle School

Address: 757 Farmington Ave Phone: (860) 225-7665

Northend School

Address: 160 Bassett St Phone: (860) 223-3819

New Britain High School

Address: 110 Mill St Phone: (860) 225-6351

Slade Middle School

Address: 183 Steele St Phone: (860) 225-6395


Waterbury Airport

Code: N41

Meriden Markham Municipal Airport

Code: KMMK

Hartford Brainard Airport

Code: KHFD

Robertson Field

Code: K4B8

Green Acres Airport

Code: CT96

Roberts Farm Airport

Code: CT85

Maplewood Farm Airport

Code: CT39

Rankl Field

Code: CT20

Bancroft Airport

Code: CT14

Salmon River Airfield

Code: 9B8

Simsbury Airport

Code: 4B9


Berlin Fairgrounds Heliport

Code: 01CT

N B G H Heliport

Code: 0CT3

St Francis Hospital Heliport

Code: 0CT5

Middletown Heliport

Code: 0CT6

Hartford Hospital Heliport

Code: 0CT9

Bristol Hospital Heliport

Code: CT03

United Technology Corp. Heliport

Code: CT17

State Emergency Heliport

Code: CT18

H O Penn-1 Heliport

Code: CT22

Corporate Ridge Heliport

Code: CT26

Veterans Home & Hospital Heliport

Code: CT28

Plainville Heliport

Code: CT49

Ultimate Heliport

Code: CT60

Lake Compounce Heliport

Code: CT63

Pratt & Whitney Heliport

Code: CT64

Otis Helistop Division of Utc Heliport

Code: CT71

South Meadows Heliport

Code: CT73

Hurlbrink Heliport

Code: CT75

Meriden-Wallingford Hospital Heliport

Code: CT95