Population 41,567
State Maryland
County Baltimore County
Current Time
Zip Codes 21228


Catonsville Middle

Address: 2301 Edmondson Ave Phone: (410) 887-0803

Catonsville Elementary

Address: 615 Frederick Rd Phone: (410) 887-0800

Westowne Elementary

Address: 401 Harlem Ln Phone: (410) 887-0854


Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Code: BWI

Essex Skypark Airport

Code: W48

Suburban Airport

Code: W18

Reservoir Airport

Code: MD95

Albrecht Airstrip

Code: MD48

Glenair Airport

Code: MD46

Mountain Road Airport

Code: MD43

Haysfield Airport

Code: MD24

Tinsley Airstrip

Code: MD17

Martin State Airport

Code: KMTN

Tipton Airport

Code: KFME

Suzie Field

Code: 8MD0

St John Airport

Code: 4MD9

Hoby Wolf Airport

Code: 2MD5

Hoby Wolf Airport

Code: 1W5


The Johns Hopkins Hospital Heliport

Code: 0MD3

Security Ford Heliport

Code: 0MD8

St. Agnes Health Care Heliport

Code: 12MD

Marriott Parking Garage "Rooftop" Heliport

Code: 24MD

Aerospace Tech Center Heliport

Code: 2MD2

Maritime Institute Heliport

Code: 2MD7

Union Memorial Hospital Heliport

Code: 44MD

Pier 7 Heliport

Code: 4MD

Sinai Hospital Heliport

Code: 5MD3

Montebello Filtration Plant Heliport

Code: 8MD2

Sinai Ii Heliport

Code: 8MD3

Baltimore Police Department Heliport

Code: MD10

Howard County General Hospital Heliport

Code: MD25

Pier 7 Heliport

Code: MD54

Northwest Hospital Heliport

Code: MD60

University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center Heliport

Code: MD71