Population 161,791
State Washington
County Clark County
Current Time
Zip Codes 98660-98668, 98682-98687


Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center

Address: 2211 Ne 139Th Street Phone: (360) 487-1000

Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center

Address: 400 Ne Mother Joseph Place Phone: (360) 256-2000


Washington State School For The Deaf

Address: 611 Grand Blvd S26 Phone: (360) 418-0401

Washington State School For The Blind

Address: 2214 East 13Th St Phone: (360) 696-6321

Laurin Middle School

Address: 13601 Ne 97Th Ave Phone: (360) 885-5200

Glenwood Heights Primary

Address: 9716 Ne 134Th St Phone: (360) 885-5250

Pleasant Valley Middle

Address: 14320 Ne 50Th Ave Phone: (360) 885-5500

Legacy High School

Address: 2205 East 138Th Ave Phone: (360) 604-3900

Burton Elementary School

Address: 14015 Ne 28Th St Phone: (360) 604-4975

Cascade Middle School

Address: 13900 Ne 18Th St Phone: (360) 604-3600

Crestline Elementary School

Address: 13003 Se Seventh St Phone: (360) 604-3325

Covington Middle School

Address: 11200 Ne Rosewood Rd Phone: (360) 604-6300

Ellsworth Elementary School

Address: 512 Se Ellsworth Ave Phone: (360) 604-6950

Evergreen High School

Address: 14300 Ne 18Th St Phone: (360) 604-3700


Portland International Airport

Code: PDX

Parkside Airpark

Code: WA87

Mc Clellan Field

Code: WA80

Green Mountain STOLport

Code: WA67

Daybreak Airport

Code: WA46

La Center View-Air Airport

Code: WA29

Cedars North Airpark

Code: W58

Fly For Fun Airport

Code: W56

Goheen Airport

Code: W52

Woodland State Airport

Code: W27

Olinger Airpark

Code: OR81

Harvey'S Acres Airport

Code: OR28

Flying K Ranch Airport

Code: OR00

Happy Valley Airport

Code: OL03

Gilbert Airport

Code: OG63

Meyer Riverside Airpark

Code: OG34

Pearson Field

Code: KVUO

Portland Troutdale Airport

Code: KTTD

Scappoose Industrial Airpark

Code: KSPB

Portland Hillsboro Airport

Code: KHIO

Grabhorn's Airport

Code: 8OR6

Brush Prairie Aerodrome

Code: 5WA9

Becker Field

Code: 59AS

Chinook Ultralight Airpark

Code: 52OR

Robert L Delanoy Airport

Code: 28WA

Cub Port Airport

Code: 26OR

Grove Field

Code: 1W1

North Plains Gliderport

Code: 1OR4

Sunset Air Strip

Code: 1OR3

Bruce's Airport

Code: 07OR


Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital Heliport

Code: 1WA0

Katu Heliport

Code: 21OR

St Joseph Community Hospital Heliport

Code: 21WA

Woodland Park Hospital Heliport

Code: 2OR5

World Trade Center Heliport

Code: 2OR9

Providence Medical Center Heliport

Code: 34OR

Hessel Tractor Heliport

Code: 3OR3

Babler Bros Inc Heliport

Code: 3OR4

Portland Downtown Heliport

Code: 61J

Emanuel Hospital Heliport

Code: 7OR5

Wallace Heliport

Code: 9OR9

Rose Garden Heliport

Code: OG11

Ross Complex Heliport

Code: WN38

Southwest Washington Medical Center Heliport

Code: WN67