Population 26,909
State Washington
County King County
Current Time
Zip Codes


Bow Lake Elementary

Address: 18237 42Nd Ave South Phone: (206) 433-2336

Chinook Middle School

Address: 18650 42Nd Ave South Phone: (206) 433-2231

Madrona Elementary

Address: 3030 South 204Th St Phone: (206) 433-2478

Mcmicken Heights Elementary

Address: 3708 South 168Th St Phone: (206) 433-2276

Big Picture School

Address: 2450 So. 142Nd St Phone: (206) 433-2217

Odyssey - The Essential School

Address: 4424 South 188Th St Phone: (206) 433-2336

Academy Of Citizenship And Empowerment

Address: 4424 South 188Th St Phone: (206) 433-2336

Global Connections High School

Address: 4424 South 188Th St Phone: (206) 433-2336

Valley View Early Childhood Center

Address: 17622 46Th Ave South Phone: (206) 433-2337


Boeing Field King County International Airport

Code: BFI

Vaughan Ranch Airfield

Code: WN13

Auburn Academy Airport

Code: WA84

Wax Orchards Airport

Code: WA69

Tacoma Narrows Airport

Code: KTIW

Auburn Municipal Airport

Code: KS50

Crest Airpark

Code: KS36

Renton Municipal Airport

Code: KRNT

Albritton Airport

Code: 9WA7

Black Diamond Airport

Code: 95WA

Evergreen Sky Ranch Airport

Code: 51WA

Port Orchard Airport

Code: 4WA9

Vashon Municipal Airport

Code: 2S1


Odyssey Heliport

Code: 01WT

Boeing Kent Heliport

Code: 3WA6

Kent Benaroya Heliport

Code: 3WA7

Tukwila Operations Center Heliport

Code: 54WA

Boeing Renton Ramp Site Nr 2 Heliport

Code: 8WA2

Valley Medical Center Heliport

Code: 8WA3

Boeing Plant 2 Heliport

Code: 9WA0

Boeing Military Airplanes Heliport

Code: WA11

Private H/C PAD Heliport

Code: WA28

Misty Isle Farms Heliport

Code: WN96