Population 103,019
State Washington
County Snohomish County
Current Time
Zip Codes 98201, 98203-98208, 98213


Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

Address: 1321 Colby Avenue Phone: (425) 261-2000


Everett Community College High School Completion

Address: 2000 Tower St Phone: (425) 388-9100

Cascade High School

Address: 801 East Casino Rd Phone: (425) 385-6000

Eisenhower Middle School

Address: 10200 25Th Ave Se Phone: (425) 385-7500

Emerson Elementary School

Address: 8702 7Th Ave Se Phone: (425) 385-6200

Everett High School

Address: 2416 Colby Ave Phone: (425) 385-4400

Evergreen Middle School

Address: 7621 Beverly Ln Phone: (425) 385-5700

Garfield Elementary School

Address: 2215 Pine St Phone: (425) 385-4700

North Middle School

Address: 2514 Rainier Ave Phone: (425) 385-4800

Hawthorne Elementary School

Address: 1110 Poplar St Phone: (425) 385-4600

Jackson Elementary School

Address: 3700 Federal Ave Phone: (425) 385-5600

Jefferson Elementary

Address: 2500 Cadet Way Phone: (425) 385-7400

Lowell Elementary

Address: 5010 View Dr Phone: (425) 385-5300



Xfinity Arena

Tenant: Everett Silvertips Opened: 2003 Capacity: 10000


Snohomish County (Paine Field) Airport

Code: PAE

Frontier Airpark

Code: WN53

Van De Plasch Airport

Code: WN20

Green Valley Airfield

Code: WA25

Majerle Strip STOLport

Code: WA17

Kyles Airport

Code: WA04

Firstair Field

Code: W16

Whidbey Air Park

Code: W10

Harvey Field

Code: S43

Arlington Municipal Airport

Code: KAWO

Jim & Julie's Airport

Code: 96WA

Heineck Farm Airport

Code: 76WA

B & M Ranch Airport

Code: 5WA2


Streamline Heliport

Code: 0WA0

Naval Station Everett Heliport

Code: 0WA9

Fsa - Everett Heliport

Code: 13WA

Calkins Equipment Company Heliport

Code: 1WA3

Providence Hospital Heliport

Code: 1WA4

General Hospital of Everett Heliport

Code: 1WA5

Reoh1 Heliport

Code: WA31

Janes Heliport

Code: WA43

The Boeing Company Heliport

Code: WA82