Population 139,966
State Virginia
County City of Alexandria
Current Time
Zip Codes 22301-22315, 22320, 22321, 22331-22334, 22336, 22350


Inova Mount Vernon Hospital

Address: 2501 Parkers Lane Phone: (703) 664-7000

Inova Alexandria Hospital

Address: 4320 Seminary Rd Phone: (703) 504-3167


Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home

Address: 200 South Whiting St Phone: (703) 751-3700

Fairfax Day Reporting Center

Address: 2812 Franklin St Phone: (703) 718-2320

Douglas Macarthur Elementary

Address: 1101 Janneys Ln Phone: (703) 461-4190

Charles Barrett Elementary

Address: 1115 Martha Custis Dr Phone: (703) 824-6960

Francis C Hammond Middle

Address: 4646 Seminary Rd Phone: (703) 461-4100

George Mason Elementary

Address: 2601 Cameron Mills Rd Phone: (703) 706-4470

George Washington Middle

Address: 1005 Mt Vernon Ave Phone: (703) 706-4500

James K Polk Elementary

Address: 5000 Polk Ave Phone: (703) 461-4180

Jefferson-Houston Elementary

Address: 1501 Cameron St Phone: (703) 706-4400

John Adams Elementary

Address: 5651 Rayburn Ave Phone: (703) 824-6970

Lyles-Crouch Elementary

Address: 530 South St Asaph St Phone: (703) 706-4430

Maury Elementary

Address: 600 Russell Rd Phone: (703) 706-4440


Potomac Airfield

Code: VKX

Davison Army Air Field

Code: DAA

Andrews Air Force Base

Code: ADW

Freeway Airport

Code: W00

Washington Executive Hyde Field

Code: KW32

College Park Airport

Code: KCGS

Maryland Airport

Code: K2W5


South Capitol Street Heliport

Code: 09W

Kingstowne Heliport

Code: 39VA

Nat'l Hosp For Orthopaedics/Rehabilitation Heliport

Code: 65VA

Inova Alexandria Hospital Heliport

Code: 9VA2

Bolling Air Force Base

Code: BOF

Washington Post Heliport

Code: DC01

Metropolitan Complex Heliport

Code: DC02

Us Park Police Eagle's Nest Heliport

Code: DC03

Spirit of Washington Heliport

Code: DC04

MPD 2nd Metropolitan Police Department Heliport

Code: DC06

MPD 5th Metropolitan Police Department Heliport

Code: DC07

WHC Heliport

Code: DC08

Georgetown Univ Hosp Helistop

Code: DC09

Metropolitan Police Department 3rd District Heliport

Code: DC16

Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: DC17

Pentagon Army Heliport

Code: JPN

Fort Washington Medical Center Heliport

Code: MD72

Mount Vernon Hospital Heliport

Code: VA82