Population 46,746
State Utah
County Salt Lake County
Current Time
Zip Codes


The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital

Address: 5848 South 300 East Phone: (801) 314-4100

Intermountain Medical Center

Address: 5121 South Cottonwood Street Phone: (801) 507-7000


Utah Virtual Academy

Address: 512 East 4500 South Phone: (801) 262-4922

Grant School

Address: 662 West 6140 South Phone: (801) 264-7416

Hillcrest Jr High

Address: 126 East 5300 South Phone: (801) 264-7442

Longview School

Address: 6240 Longview Dr Phone: (801) 264-7428

Liberty School

Address: 140 West 6100 South Phone: (801) 264-7424

Mcmillan School

Address: 315 East 5900 South Phone: (801) 264-7430

Murray High

Address: 5440 South State Phone: (801) 264-7460

Parkside School

Address: 5175 South 495 East Phone: (801) 264-7434

Riverview Jr High

Address: 751 West Tripp Ln Phone: (801) 264-7446

Viewmont School

Address: 745 West 5720 South Phone: (801) 264-7438

Horizon School

Address: 5180 South 700 West Phone: (801) 264-7420

Murray Adult Transition

Address: 147 East 5065 South Phone: (801) 957-4693


Salt Lake City International Airport

Code: SLC

Skypark Airport

Code: BTF

Number 18 Airport

Code: UT13

Camp Williams Airfield

Code: UT08

South Valley Regional Airport

Code: U42


Tri-Arc Heliport

Code: 1UT9

Fhp Hospital Heliport

Code: UT01

Intermountain Medical Center Helipad

Code: UT11

U S Forest Service Heliport

Code: UT18

Holy Cross Hospital Heliport

Code: UT19

Channel 4 Heliport

Code: UT20

Medical Center Helistop

Code: UT21

Pioneer Valley Hospital Heliport

Code: UT23

American Stores Heliport

Code: UT31

Kutv Channel Two Heliport

Code: UT33

State Capitol Helicopter Landing Site Heliport

Code: UT45

Lds Hospital North Heliport

Code: UT55

Century Equipment Company Heliport

Code: UT60

Department of Veterans Affairs Heliport

Code: UT62

Alta View Hospital Heliport

Code: UT63

St Mark's Heliport

Code: UT64

Ward Heliport

Code: UT66

Phc Hospital Heliport

Code: UT76

Skaggs Heliport

Code: UT84

Jordan Valley Hospital Heliport

Code: UT87

Redwood Health Center Heliport

Code: UT98