Population 56,199
State Texas
County Dallas County
Current Time
Zip Codes 75030, 75088, 75089

Neighbouring Cities

Garland, Sachse, Rockwall, Heath, Sunnyvale, Wylie, Murphy


Lake Pointe Medical Center

Address: 6800 Scenic Dr Phone: (972) 412-2273


Coyle Middle

Address: 4500 Skyline Dr Phone: (972) 475-3711

Rowlett El

Address: 3315 Carla Dr Phone: (972) 475-3380

Back El

Address: 7300 Bluebonnet Dr Phone: (972) 475-1884

Herfurth El

Address: 7500 Miller Rd Phone: (972) 475-7994

Katherine Stephens El

Address: 3700 Cheyenne Dr Phone: (972) 463-5790

Rowlett H S

Address: 4700 Kirby Rd Phone: (972) 463-8690

Norma Dorsey El

Address: 6200 Dexham Rd Phone: (972) 463-5595

Vernon Schrade Middle

Address: 6201 Danbridge Rd Phone: (972) 463-8790

Steadham El

Address: 6200 Danridge Rd Phone: (972) 463-5887

Nita Pearson Elementary

Address: 5201 Nita Pearson Dr Phone: (972) 463-7568

Liberty Grove Elementary

Address: 10201 Liberty Grove Phone: (972) 487-4416

Keeley El

Address: 8700 Liberty Grove Rd Phone: (972) 412-2140


Dallas Love Field

Code: DAL

Addison Airport

Code: ADS

Thorny Woods Airport

Code: XA33

Madeira Airpark

Code: TX91

Ganze Ranch Airstrip

Code: TX89

Wings Over Texas Airport

Code: TS98

Sunset Airport

Code: TA18

Rives Air Park

Code: T33

Mesquite Metro Airport

Code: KHQZ

Air Park Dallas Airport

Code: KF69

Rockwall Municipal Airport


Culp Airport

Code: 6TA3

Bishop Field

Code: 68TS

Lavon North Airport

Code: 46TS

Klutts Field

Code: 20XS

Airpark East Airport

Code: 1F7

Lagrone Ranch Airport

Code: 19TA

Kittyhawk Airport

Code: 0T7

Smith Field

Code: 01TE


Presbyterian Hospital Of Rockwall Heliport

Code: 13XS

Texas Regional Medical Center Heliport

Code: 23TE

Walden Ranch Heliport

Code: 27TS

The Medical Center of Mesquite Heliport

Code: 2TA2

Big Town Heliport

Code: 7TX3

Faulkner Point Heliport

Code: 90TA

Ladue Ranch Heliport

Code: 9TS4

Garland/Dfw Heloplex Heliport

Code: T57

Lupton Farms Heliport

Code: TA69

Putman Heliport

Code: TE20

11 Tv Dallas Heliport

Code: TE56

Superturf Heliport

Code: TS60

Bmcg Heliport

Code: TX76