Population 259,841
State Texas
County Collin County
Current Time
Zip Codes 75023-75026, 75074, 75075, 75086, 75093, 75094

Neighbouring Cities

Murphy, Richardson, Allen, Sachse, Garland, Lucas, Addison


Medical Center Of Plano

Address: 3901 W 15Th St Phone: (972) 596-6800

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano

Address: 6200 W Parker Rd Phone: (972) 981-8000

Baylor Regional Medical Center At Plano

Address: 4700 Alliance Boulevard Phone: (469) 814-2000

Texas Health Center For Diagnostics & Surgery Plan

Address: 6020 W Parker Road Phone: (972) 403-2700

The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano

Address: 1100 Allied Drive Phone: (469) 814-3278


Special Prog Ctr/J J A E P

Address: 2221 Legacy Dr Phone: (972) 924-1000

Riddle El

Address: 8201 Robinson Rd Phone: (469) 633-3200

Anderson El

Address: 2800 Oakland Hills Dr Phone: (469) 633-2300

Borchardt Elementary

Address: 4300 Waskom Dr Phone: (469) 633-2800

Taylor El

Address: 9865 Gillespie Dr Phone: (469) 633-3625

Fowler Middle School

Address: 3801 Mcdermott Rd Phone: (469) 633-5050

Robinson Middle

Address: 6701 Preston Meadow Dr Phone: (469) 752-6200

Bethany El

Address: 2418 Micarta Dr Phone: (469) 752-0300

Armstrong Middle

Address: 3805 Timberline Dr Phone: (469) 752-4600

Bowman Middle

Address: 2501 Jupiter Rd Phone: (469) 752-4800

Christie El

Address: 3801 Rainier Rd Phone: (469) 752-0800

Davis El

Address: 2701 Parkhaven Dr Phone: (469) 752-1000


Dallas Love Field

Code: DAL

Addison Airport

Code: ADS

11312 Indian Trail,


Madeira Airpark

Code: TX91

Ganze Ranch Airstrip

Code: TX89

Square Air Airport

Code: TS63

Cottonpatch Aerodrome

Code: TA77

Aero Country Airport

Code: KT31

Air Park Dallas Airport

Code: KF69

Rockwall Municipal Airport


Spanish Oaks Airport

Code: 76TX

Drewery Airport

Code: 6TX3

Lavon North Airport

Code: 46TS

Jsi Airport

Code: 34TA

Kittyhawk Airport

Code: 0T7


Eds Heliport

Code: 0XS4

Owens Country Sausage Heliport

Code: 15TS

Eds Hangar Heliport

Code: 1TS4

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano Heliport

Code: 35TA

E D S Heliport

Code: 49TS

Eds Administration Nr 1 Heliport

Code: 6TS5

Mcp Heliport

Code: 6TS9

Garland/Dfw Heloplex Heliport

Code: T57

Medical City Dallas Hospital Heliport

Code: TS06

T I Company Heliport

Code: TX60

Bmcg Heliport

Code: TX76

Gmf Ranch Heliport

Code: TX84

Presbyterian Hospital Of Allen Heliport

Code: XA53

AAF Heliport

Code: XA63

Baylor Regional Medical Center At Plano Heliport

Code: XA79