Population 175,396
State Texas
County Dallas County
Current Time
Zip Codes 75050-75054


Texas General Hospital

Address: 2709 Hospital Blvd Phone: (469) 635-2073


Harmony Science Academy Grand Prairie

Address: 1102 Nw 7Th St Phone: (972) 642-9911

Starrett El

Address: 2675 Fairmont Dr Phone: (682) 867-0400

Crouch El

Address: 2810 Prairie Hill Ln Phone: (682) 867-0200

Larson El

Address: 2620 Ave K Phone: (682) 867-0000

West El

Address: 2911 Kingswood Blvd Phone: (682) 867-0100

Remynse Elementary

Address: 2245 East Arkansas Ln Phone: (682) 867-0500

J M Farrell El

Address: 3410 Paladium Dr Phone: (682) 867-0300

Adams Middle

Address: 833 West Tarrant Rd Phone: (972) 262-1934

Austin El

Address: 815 North West 7Th St Phone: (972) 262-4615

Bowie El

Address: 425 Alice Dr Phone: (972) 262-7348

Daniels El

Address: 801 South West 19Th St Phone: (972) 264-7803

Eisenhower El

Address: 2102 North Carrier Parkway Phone: (972) 262-3717


Dallas Love Field

Code: DAL

Addison Airport

Code: ADS

11312 Indian Trail,


Flying B Ranch Airport

Code: TS71

Jack Miller STOLport

Code: TS70

Flying Cap Valley Airport

Code: TS53

Fuller Airport

Code: TS00

Short Field

Code: TA83

Dallas Executive Airport

Code: KRBD

Grand Prairie Municipal Airport

Code: KGPM

Arlington Municipal Airport

Code: KGKY

Hess Airport

Code: 6TX8

Flying L Airpark

Code: 6TX7

Culp Airport

Code: 6TA3

Birk Airport

Code: 4TX4

Eagle's Nest Estates Airport

Code: 2TS6

Lazy K Acres Airport

Code: 0TX7

Alpine Range Airport

Code: 00TS


Thirty Thirty Matlock Office Center Heliport

Code: 01TA

Heliport-Facility 5a Heliport

Code: 0TX2

Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport

Code: 0TX4

Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center Heliport

Code: 56TA

Aerospatiale Helicopter Corp Heliport

Code: 85TS

Mc David Honda Heliport

Code: 94TS

Premier Aviation Inc Heliport

Code: TA88

Mc David Pontiac Company Heliport

Code: TE31

Medical Center of Arlington Heliport

Code: TE80

The Ballpark in Arlington Heliport

Code: TX08

Redmond Taylor Army Heliport

Code: TX18

Police H Port-Redbird Heliport

Code: TX53

Arlington Marriott Hotel Heliport

Code: XS54

Charlton Methodist Hospital Heliport

Code: XS97