Population 12,355
State Texas
County Tarrant County
Current Time
Zip Codes 76166


Fort Worth Meacham International Airport

Code: FTW

Carroll Lake-View Airport


Markum Ranch Airport


Brabsom Farm Airport


Stubbs Strip

Code: TS73

Jack Miller STOLport

Code: TS70

Fuller Airport

Code: TS00

Buffalo Chips Airpark

Code: TE45

Short Field

Code: TA83

Fort Worth Nas Jrb/Carswell field

Code: KNFW

Grand Prairie Municipal Airport

Code: KGPM

Arlington Municipal Airport

Code: KGKY

Fort Worth Spinks Airport

Code: KFWS

Sycamore Strip

Code: K9F9

Stol Field

Code: 8TS5

Retta Airport

Code: 8TS1

Circle C Ranch Airport

Code: 71TS

Hess Airport

Code: 6TX8

Flying L Airpark

Code: 6TX7

Benjamin Franklin Airport

Code: 59TX

Birk Airport

Code: 4TX4

Rafter J Airport

Code: 3TX9

Taylor's Air Park

Code: 25TE

Alpine Range Airport

Code: 00TS


Thirty Thirty Matlock Office Center Heliport

Code: 01TA

St Joseph Hospital Heliport

Code: 01TS

Fwomc Heliport

Code: 02TS

John Peter Smith Health Network Heliport

Code: 1XS3

Harris Methodist Southwest Helistop

Code: 51TA

Coker Hill Heliport

Code: 57TS

Action 5 Heliport

Code: 6TX1

John Peter Smith EMS Building Heliport

Code: 93TX

Tcjc-South Campus Heliport

Code: 9F5

Bell Helicopter Plant-3 Heliport

Code: TA99

Harris Hospital Heliport

Code: TE30

Medical Center of Arlington Heliport

Code: TE80

Ktvt Channel 11 Heliport

Code: TS56

Southwest Custom Aircraft Heliport

Code: TX58

Jmk International Inc Heliport

Code: TX71

Mallick Tower Heliport

Code: TX77

Water Department Heliport

Code: TX83

City of Fort Worth Heliport

Code: TX85

Baylor All Saints Medical Center Heliport

Code: XA18

Cook Children's Medical Center Heliport

Code: XA36

Plaza Medical Center Heliport

Code: XA37

Tarrant County Water Control Heliport

Code: XS02