Population 38,659
State Texas
County Dallas County
Current Time
Zip Codes 75019, 75099


Manara Academy

Address: 140 South Heartz Phone: (972) 304-1155

Riverchase Ele

Address: 272 South Macarthur Blvd Phone: (972) 968-2900

Wilson El

Address: 200 South Coppell Rd Phone: (214) 496-7500

Pinkerton El

Address: 260 Southwestern Blvd Phone: (214) 496-6800

Coppell H S

Address: 185 West Parkway Blvd Phone: (214) 496-6100

Lakeside El

Address: 1100 Village Parkway Phone: (214) 496-7600

Coppell Middle East

Address: 400 Mockingbird Phone: (214) 496-6600

Coppell Middle West

Address: 1301 Wrangler Circle Phone: (214) 496-8600

Austin El

Address: 161 South Moore Phone: (214) 496-7300

Town Center El

Address: 185 North Heartz Rd Phone: (214) 496-7800

Cottonwood Creek El

Address: 615 Minyard Phone: (214) 496-8300

Coppell Middle North

Address: 120 Natches Trace Phone: (214) 496-7100


Dallas Love Field

Code: DAL

Addison Airport

Code: ADS

11312 Indian Trail,


Leroux Airport

Code: TX22

Flying Cap Valley Airport

Code: TS53

Fuller Airport

Code: TS00

Cottonpatch Aerodrome

Code: TA77

Windmill Hill Airport

Code: TA21

Grand Prairie Municipal Airport

Code: KGPM

Air Park Dallas Airport

Code: KF69

Northwest Regional Airport

Code: K52F

Hillcrest Airport

Code: 7TX4

Spanish Oaks Airport

Code: 76TX

Circle C Ranch Airport

Code: 71TS

Hilliard Landing Area Airport

Code: 5TX6

Black Mark Strip

Code: 5TX4

Hidden Valley Airpark

Code: 5TX0

Stage Coach Hills Airport

Code: 4TX2

Lakeview Airport

Code: 30F

Myska Field

Code: 2TS0

Lazy K Acres Airport

Code: 0TX7

Shiloh Airport

Code: 0TX5

Ultralight International Ultralightport

Code: 0TS2

Dooley Airport

Code: 0TS1

Flower Mound Airport

Code: 0TS0


Solana North Heliport

Code: 26XA

Baylor Health Center At Irving Coppell Heliport

Code: 4XA7

Baylor Medical Center At Carrollton Heliport

Code: 4XS4

Baylor University Medical Center Grapevine Heliport

Code: 78TX

Opela Heliport

Code: 80TE

Mc David Honda Heliport

Code: 94TS

Toyota of Dallas Inc Heliport

Code: 9TS9

Mc David Pontiac Company Heliport

Code: TE31

Hig Heliport

Code: TE79

Las Colinas Medical Center Heliport

Code: XA21

Medical Center of Lewisville Heliport

Code: XA59