Population 5,990
State Pennsylvania
County Dauphin County
Current Time
Zip Codes


Swatara Ms

Address: 1101 Highland St Phone: (717) 939-9363

Tri-Community El School

Address: 255 Cypress St Phone: (717) 939-9591

Steelton-Highspire El School

Address: Swatara St And Reynders Ave Phone: (717) 704-3826

Steelton-Highspire Hs

Address: Swatara St And Reynders Ave Phone: (717) 704-3809


Lazy B Ranch Airport

Code: PS08

Tallman West Airport

Code: PS00

Gusler Airport

Code: PA74

Vogelsong Airport

Code: PA69

Neiderer Airport

Code: PA55

Rover Airport

Code: PA31

Carlisle Airport

Code: KN94

Donegal Springs Airpark

Code: KN71

Capital City Airport

Code: KCXY

Baney's Airport

Code: 90PN

Turtle Rock Airstrip

Code: 8PA6

Sky Classics Field

Code: 7PS4

Shreveport North Airport

Code: 62PA

Chestnut Hill Airport

Code: 5PS5

Brookside Farms Airport

Code: 59PN

Reigle Field

Code: 58N

Millard Airport

Code: 4PA0

Deitch Airport

Code: 41PA

Yingst Airport

Code: 3PS8

Mathna Airport

Code: 2PS3

Kampel Airport

Code: 2N5

Carsonville Airport

Code: 0PS3

Ecko Field

Code: 0PA4

Haunstein Ultralightport

Code: 0PA2

Bermudian Valley Airpark

Code: 07N


State Police Area Iii Heliport

Code: 05PN

Harsco Heliport

Code: 28PN

Chestnut Street Garage Heliport

Code: 3PS2

Harrisburg Hospital Heliport

Code: 5PN9

Hershey Medical Center Heliport

Code: 64PN

B S Corporation Steelton Plant Heliport

Code: 7PS0

Hmc Hanger Heliport

Code: 8PS5

Holy Spirit Hospital Helipad

Code: PA48

Turnpike Nr 1 Heliport

Code: PA95

Three Mile Island Heliport

Code: PS14

Anzio Heliport

Code: PS51