Population 88,082
State Pennsylvania
County Berks County
Current Time
Zip Codes 19601-19612, 19640


St Joseph Medical Center

Address: 2500 Bernville Road Phone: (610) 378-2300

Reading Hospital

Address: Sixth Avenue And Spruce St Phone: (610) 988-8000


Antietam Ms/Hs

Address: 100 Antietam Rd Phone: (610) 779-3545

Mountpenn Primary Center

Address: 201 North 25Th St Phone: (610) 370-2898

Reiffton School

Address: 4355 Dunham Dr Phone: (610) 779-7640

Jacksonwald El School

Address: 100 Church Ln Rd Phone: (610) 779-1820

Lorane El School

Address: 699 Rittenhouse Dr Phone: (610) 582-8608

Exeter Twp Shs

Address: 201 East 37Th St Phone: (610) 779-3060

Exeter Twp Jhs

Address: 151 East 39Th St Phone: (610) 779-3320

Martin Luther Lausch El Center

Address: 200 Elm St Phone: (610) 779-3050

Tyson-Schoener El School

Address: 315 South 5Th St Phone: (610) 371-5951

Tenth & Penn El School

Address: 955 Penn St Phone: (610) 320-6994

Amanda E Stout El School

Address: 321 South 10Th St Phone: (610) 371-5815

Glenside El School

Address: 500 Lackawanna St Phone: (610) 371-5913



Santander Arena

Tenant: Reading Royals Opened: 2001 Capacity: 9000


Reading Regional Carl A Spaatz Field

Code: RDG

Bert's Airport

Code: PS38

Skyline Airstrip

Code: PN50

Blue Mountain Academy (Private) Airport

Code: PA92

Arnold Airport

Code: PA43

Bally Spring Farm Airport

Code: PA35

Morgantown Airport

Code: O03

Kutztown Airport

Code: N31

Pottstown Municipal Airport

Code: KN47

Hurst STOLport

Code: 69PA

Don's Place Airpark

Code: 68PA

Boyer Airport

Code: 63PA

Hansen Airport

Code: 5PS4

The Old Commonwealth Aerodrome

Code: 2PA6

Bentley Airport

Code: 1PN0

Dimascio Field

Code: 14PA


Metropolitan Edison Heliport

Code: 15PN

Green Hills Corp Heliport

Code: 1PN2

St. Joseph Medical Center Heliport

Code: 22PN

Pennys Heliport

Code: 26PA

Glenn's Helo Heliport

Code: 4PN9

Knorr Farm Heliport

Code: 7PN4

Ged Heliport

Code: 84PA

Reading Hospital & Medical Center Heliport

Code: 96PN

Reading Hospital Heliport

Code: 9PS5

Car Tech Heliport

Code: PN20

Hafer Petroleum Equipment Heliport

Code: PS60