Population 6,454
State Pennsylvania
County Delaware County
Current Time
Zip Codes 19076


Kindergarten Academy

Address: 900 Washington Ave Phone: (610) 957-5401

Interboro Shs

Address: 16Th And Amosland Rd Phone: (610) 237-6410

Prospect Park School

Address: 10Th And Pennsylvania Aves Phone: (610) 237-6420

Moraine El School

Address: 350 Main St Phone: (724) 865-2010


Wings Field

Code: BBX

Altemose Ultralightport

Code: PN69

Reeder Airport

Code: NJ64

Peaslees Airstrip

Code: NJ25

Brandywine Airport

Code: KOQN

Rainbow'S End Airport

Code: JY39

Var-Sky Airport

Code: JY08

Stallone Airport

Code: 9NJ5

Spitfire Aerodrome

Code: 7N7

Bridgeport-Cahill Field

Code: 6NJ9

Thomas Browne Airpark

Code: 61NJ

Mountain Top Airport

Code: 4PS4

Linvill Airport

Code: 0PA7


S & C Distribution Center Heliport

Code: 04PA

Philadelphia Market Street Heliport

Code: 05PA

Piac Heliport

Code: 10PA

One Meridian Plaza Heliport

Code: 10PN

Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: 1PS5

Hahnemann Heliport

Code: 1PS7

Hercules Heliport

Code: 25NJ

Federal Reserve Bank Heliport

Code: 2PN8

Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp Heliport

Code: 56PN

Riddle Memorial Hospital Heliport

Code: 6PS4

SAP America Heliport

Code: 78PA

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport

Code: 9PA8

Lankenau Hospital Heliport

Code: 9PA9

Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia Heliport

Code: 9PN2

Logan Plant Heliport

Code: NJ14

Hospital of Univ. of Pa Heliport

Code: PA03

Boeing Helicopters Center 3 South Heliport

Code: PS13

Arco Newtown Heliport

Code: PS19

Core States - 1st Pa Heliport

Code: PS55

Crozer-Chester Heliport

Code: PS65

Peco Oregon Shop Heliport

Code: PS75