Population 14,324
State Pennsylvania
County Schuylkill County
Current Time
Zip Codes 17901


Schuylkill Medical Center - East Norwegian Street

Address: 700 East Norwegian Street Phone: (570) 621-4000

Schuylkill Medical Center - South Jackson Street

Address: 420 South Jackson Street Phone: (570) 621-5000


Pottsville Area Hs

Address: 16Th St And Elk Ave Phone: (570) 621-2960

Clarke El Center

Address: 601 North 16Th St Phone: (570) 621-2945

Lengel Ms

Address: 1541 Laurel Blvd Phone: (570) 621-2923


West Penn Township Airport

Code: PS99

Cider Field

Code: PS70

Fairview Farm Airfield

Code: PS20

Skyline Airstrip

Code: PN50

Blue Mountain Academy (Private) Airport

Code: PA92

Krill Personal Use Airport

Code: PA86

Cuatros Vientos Airport

Code: PA25

Schuylkill County /Joe Zerbey/ Airport

Code: KZER

Numidia Airport

Code: 8PA0

Grimes Airport

Code: 8N1

Tidmore Airport

Code: 7PN0

Mc Donald's Airport

Code: 6PN9

Tallman East Airport

Code: 58PA

Wildcat Airport

Code: 52PA

The Old Commonwealth Aerodrome

Code: 2PA6


Ryon Heliport

Code: 21PA

Allied Signal Heliport

Code: 6PS9

Hospital of Pottsville Heliport

Code: 91PN

Goodwill Fire Co Nr 1 Heliport

Code: PN86

Mazzuca Heliport

Code: PS95