Population 49,425
State Oregon
County Washington County
Current Time
Zip Codes


Tobias Elementary School

Address: 1065 Sw 206Th Ave Phone: (503) 844-1310

Butternut Creek Elementary School

Address: 20395 Sw Florence St Phone: (503) 844-1390

Reedville Elementary School

Address: 2695 Sw 209Th Ave Phone: (503) 844-1570

Indian Hills Elementary School

Address: 21260 Sw Rock Rd Phone: (503) 844-1350

Hazeldale Elementary School

Address: 20080 Sw Farmington Rd Phone: (503) 259-3860

International School Of Beaverton--Middle

Address: 17770 Sw Blanton St Phone: (503) 259-3800

International School Of Beaverton--High

Address: 17770 Sw Blanton St Phone: (503) 259-3800


Portland International Airport

Code: PDX

Olinger Airpark

Code: OR81

Harvey'S Acres Airport

Code: OR28

Chadwick Airport

Code: OR27

Flying K Ranch Airport

Code: OR00

Happy Valley Airport

Code: OL03

Gilbert Airport

Code: OG63

Meyer Riverside Airpark

Code: OG34

Aeroacres Airport

Code: OG30

Rieben Airport

Code: OG02

Pearson Field

Code: KVUO

Aurora State Airport

Code: KUAO

Portland Hillsboro Airport

Code: KHIO

Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark

Code: 7S3

Stan Jost Airport

Code: 74OR

Ribbon Ridge Airport

Code: 73OR

Goodin Creek Airport

Code: 70OR

Dick Fisher Airport

Code: 69OR

Mc Gee Airport

Code: 67OR

Mountaindale Airport

Code: 63OR

Chinook Ultralight Airpark

Code: 52OR

Skyport Airport

Code: 4S4

Sportsman Airpark

Code: 2S6

Robert L Delanoy Airport

Code: 28WA

Cub Port Airport

Code: 26OR

Clackamas Heights Airport

Code: 1OR6

North Plains Gliderport

Code: 1OR4

Sunset Air Strip

Code: 1OR3

Chehalem Airpark

Code: 17S

Bruce's Airport

Code: 07OR

Hayden Mountain Airport

Code: 06OR


Beaverton Corporate Center Heliport

Code: 24OR

St Vincent Hospital Heliport

Code: 53OR

Amber Glen Business Center Hp Heliport

Code: 86OR

Danielson Heliport

Code: 8OR0

Oregon Health Sciences University Emerg Heliport

Code: 9OR6

Tuality Hospital Heliport

Code: OG46

Turel Heliport

Code: OR03

Lincoln Tower Heliport

Code: OR37