Population 21,332
State Oklahoma
County Oklahoma County
Current Time
Zip Codes 73100, 73195


Townsend Es

Address: S.E. 40Th And Epperly Phone: (405) 671-8680


Will Rogers World Airport

Code: OKC

Downtown Airpark

Code: DWN

Tinker Air Force Base

Code: KTIK

Wiley Post Airport

Code: KPWA

University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport

Code: KOUN

Sundance Airpark

Code: KHSD

Odom's Roost Airport

Code: 76OK

Low Pass Airport

Code: 4OK4

Hopcus Farms Airport

Code: 3OK2

Pata Skyhaven Airport

Code: 2OK9

Cole Landing Area Airport

Code: 2OK7

Twin Lakes Airport

Code: 2OK2

Steciak Strip

Code: 1OL2

Lower Forty Airport

Code: 16OK

Expressway Airpark

Code: 12OK

Edmond Airport

Code: 0OK0


Canon Heliport

Code: 02OK

St Anthony Heliport

Code: 3OK4

5 Alive Heliport

Code: 41OK

Kwtv Heliport

Code: 42OK

Southwest Medical Center of Oklahoma Heliport

Code: 50OK

Oklahoma National Guard Heliport

Code: 77OK

Nu-Tech Energy County Heliport

Code: 8OK9

Presbyterian Hospital Heliport

Code: 97OK

Governor's Mansion Heliport

Code: 9OK0

Omh Heliport

Code: 9OK1

Central Park Helistop

Code: 9OK8

Midwest City Regional Hospital Heliport

Code: OL15