Population 66,982
State Ohio
County Mahoning County
Current Time
Zip Codes 44501-44507, 44509-44515, 44555, 44598, 44599


Surgical Hospital At Southwoods

Address: 7630 Southern Blvd Phone: (330) 758-1954

Northside Medical Center

Address: 500 Gypsy Lane Phone: (330) 884-1000

St Elizabeth Health Center

Address: 1044 Belmont Avenue Phone: (330) 746-7211


Youngstown Community School

Address: 50 Essex St Phone: (330) 746-2240

Life Skills Centerof Youngstown

Address: 3405 Market St Phone: (330) 743-6698

Mahoning Unlimited Classroom

Address: 100 Debartolo Place Phone: (330) 965-7828

Legacy Acad For Leaders & Arts

Address: 1812 Oak Hill Ave Phone: (330) 747-1620

Mollie Kessler

Address: 118 East Wood St Phone: (330) 746-3095

Summit Academy-Youngstown

Address: 810 Oak St Phone: (330) 743-9235

Stambaugh Charter Academy

Address: 2420 Donald Ave Phone: (330) 792-4806

Summit Academy Secondary - Youngstown

Address: 1400 Oak Hill Ave Phone: (330) 747-0950

Youngstown Academy Of Excellence

Address: 1408 Rigby St Phone: (330) 746-3970

Mahoning Valley Opportunity Center

Address: 496 Glenwood Ave Phone: (330) 744-7656

Mahoning County High School

Address: 3321 Hudson Ave Phone: (330) 965-2860

L.E.A.D. Academy

Address: 4115 Shady Rd Phone: (330) 259-3933



Stambaugh Stadium

Tenant: Youngstown State Penguins football Opened: 1982 Capacity: 20630


Youngstown Warren Regional Airport

Code: YNG

Lackawannock Airport

Code: PN99

Reno Airport

Code: PN11

Hermitage Airport

Code: PA22

West Middlesex Airport

Code: PA21

Mollica Airport

Code: OI81

Petersburg Airport

Code: OH29

Brookfield Airpark

Code: OH24

New Castle Municipal Airport

Code: KUCP

Warren Airport

Code: K62D

Youngstown Elser Metro Airport

Code: K4G4

Braceville Airport

Code: K41N

Salem Airpark Inc Airport

Code: K38D

Lansdowne Airport

Code: K04G

Morris Field

Code: 8OH7

York Aerodrome

Code: 8OH4

J and B Sky Ranch Airport

Code: 8OH3

Circle C Airport

Code: 89OI

Sloas Airport

Code: 80OH

Mahoning County Joint Vocational School Airport

Code: 7OH5

Smith-Stewart Field

Code: 79OH

Richey Airport

Code: 56OH

Aero Flight Center Airport

Code: 55OI

Brocker Field

Code: 4OI8

Bieber Field

Code: 4OH3

Wetzl Airport

Code: 46OH

Giovannone Airport

Code: 22OI

Kenley Airport

Code: 08OH


Saint Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport

Code: 06O1

Northside & Tod Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: 67OI