Population 15,246
State Ohio
County Montgomery County
Current Time
Zip Codes 45377


Butler High School

Address: 600 South Dixie Dr Phone: (937) 415-6300

Demmitt Elementary School

Address: 1010 East National Rd Phone: (937) 415-6500

Helke Elementary School

Address: 611 Randler Ave Phone: (937) 415-3000

Morton Middle School

Address: 231 West National Rd Phone: (937) 415-6600


James M Cox Dayton International Airport

Code: DAY

Hammond Airport

Code: OI91

Wagner International Airport

Code: OI06

Swigart Airport

Code: OH78

Miami Valley Career Technology Center Airport

Code: OH51

Moraine Air Park

Code: KI73

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Code: KFFO

Phillipsburg Airport

Code: K3I7

Brookville Air-Park Airport

Code: I62

Dahio Trotwood Airport

Code: I44

Gilmer Airport

Code: 9OA4

Adams Strip

Code: 83OH

Hydebrook Airport

Code: 7OH7

Kemps Field of Dreams Airport

Code: 6OH9

Bowman Airport

Code: 4OA8

Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport

Code: 3OH0

Troy Skypark Airport

Code: 37I

Leavelle Airstrip

Code: 2OH6

Victory Field

Code: 2OA4

Dade Field

Code: 23OA

Waco Field

Code: 1WF

Stone Airport

Code: 1OI6

Bashore Airport

Code: 1OA1

Mcgregor Airfield

Code: 12OH

Apple Airport

Code: 0OH7

Jenkins Field

Code: 0OH2

Green Acres Airport

Code: 06OI


Childrens Medical Center Heliport

Code: 2OH5

Black Heliport

Code: 4OH0

Dayton Transportation Center Heliport

Code: 5D7

The Farm Heliport

Code: 7OI4

Kettering Hospital Heliport

Code: 96OI

Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport

Code: OH56

Rogers Heliport

Code: OI37