Population 60,608
State Ohio
County Clark County
Current Time
Zip Codes 43925, 44443, 45501-45506


Ohio Valley Medical Center, Llc

Address: 100 West Main Street Phone: (937) 521-3900

Springfield Regional Medical Center

Address: 100 Medical Center Drive Phone: (937) 523-1000


Life Skills Center-Springfield

Address: 1637 Selma Rd Phone: (937) 322-2940

Springfield Acad Of Excellence

Address: 623 South Center St Phone: (937) 325-0933

Springfield Preparatory And Fitness Academy

Address: 1615 Selma Rd Phone: (937) 323-6250

Keifer Alternative Center

Address: 601 Selma Rd Phone: (937) 505-4120

Fulton Elementary School

Address: 631 South Yellow Springs St Phone: (937) 505-4150

Hayward Middle School

Address: 1700 Clifton Ave Phone: (937) 505-4190

Kenton Elementary School

Address: 731 East Home Rd Phone: (937) 505-4210

Kenwood Elementary

Address: 1421 Nagley St Phone: (937) 505-4220

Lagonda Elementary School

Address: 800 East Mccreight Ave Phone: (937) 505-4240

Lincoln Elementary School

Address: 1500 Tibbetts Ave Phone: (937) 505-4260

Mann Elementary School

Address: 521 Mount Joy St Phone: (937) 505-4280

Perrin Woods Elementary School

Address: 431 West John St Phone: (937) 505-4310


Hammond Airport

Code: OI91

Williamson Airport

Code: OI73

Roberts Airport

Code: OH88

Madison County Airport

Code: KUYF

Springfield Beckley Municipal Airport

Code: KSGH

Grimes Field

Code: KI74

Mad River Inc Airport

Code: KI54

Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Code: KFFO

Hydebrook Airport

Code: 7OH7

Skydive Greene County Inc Airport

Code: 7OA7

Flying J Airport

Code: 79OI

Logan's Chance Airport

Code: 57OI

Pelz Field

Code: 3OH3

Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport

Code: 3OH0

Weller Airport

Code: 38I

Victory Field

Code: 2OA4

Reeds Airport

Code: 24OI

Dade Field

Code: 23OA

Lisbon Airfield

Code: 1OH8

Kepes Flying Field

Code: 1OA4

Jenkins Field

Code: 0OH2


Mercy Medical Center Heliport

Code: 6OH0