Population 35,893
State Ohio
County Franklin County
Current Time
Zip Codes 43068, 43069



Address: 1555 Graham Rd Phone: (614) 367-1980

Columbus Academy Of Literacy And Mathematics

Address: 7160 Susannah Dr Phone: (614) 498-0079

Tussing Elementary School

Address: 7117 Tussing Rd Phone: (614) 759-3400

Taylor Road Elementary School

Address: 8200 Taylor Rd Sw Phone: (614) 367-2930

Herbert Mills Elementary School

Address: 6826 Retton Rd Phone: (614) 367-2160

French Run Elementary School

Address: 1200 Epworth Ave Phone: (614) 367-1950

Reynoldsburg High School

Address: 6699 East Livingston Ave Phone: (614) 501-4000

Baldwin Road Junior High School

Address: 2300 Baldwin Place Phone: (614) 367-1600

Rose Hill Elementary School

Address: 760 Rosehill Rd Phone: (614) 367-2380

Hannah J Ashton Middle School

Address: 1482 Jackson St Phone: (614) 367-1530

Slate Ridge Elementary School

Address: 10466 Taylor Rd Sw Phone: (614) 501-5500

Waggoner Road Middle School

Address: 340 Waggoner Rd Phone: (614) 501-5600


Port Columbus International Airport

Code: CMH

Lee's Dogpatch Airport

Code: OI56

Lyttle Airport

Code: OH98

Kearns Airport

Code: OH74

Anderson Airport

Code: OH43

August Acres Airport

Code: OH17

Bolton Field

Code: KTZR

Ohio State University Airport

Code: KOSU

Fairfield County Airport

Code: KLHQ

Rickenbacker International Airport

Code: KLCK

Buckeye Executive Airport

Code: 9OA5

Miller Farm Landing Strip

Code: 7B4

Mc Knight Airport

Code: 5OI8

Industry Air Park

Code: 38OH


Mount Carmel East Hospital Heliport

Code: 28OI

Park Medical Center Heliport

Code: 2OI6

Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: OI95

National Heliport

Code: OI96