Population 56,771
State New Jersey
County Union County
Current Time
Zip Codes 7083, 7087


Devel L C Hamilton Shcool

Address: 1231 Burnett Ave Phone: (908) 810-1501


Address: Midland Blvd Phone: (908) 851-6440

Hannah Caldwell Elementaryschool

Address: 1120 Commerce Ave Phone: (908) 206-6101

Union Senior High

Address: 2350 North Third St Phone: (908) 851-6500

Burnet Middle School

Address: 1000 Caldwell Ave Phone: (908) 851-6490

Kawameeh Middle School

Address: 490 David Terrace Phone: (908) 851-6570

Battle Hill

Address: 2600 Killian Place Phone: (908) 851-6480

Central Five Jefferson

Address: 155 Hilton Ave Phone: (908) 851-6560


Address: 1500 Lindy Terrace Phone: (908) 851-6450

Connecticut Farms

Address: 875 Stuyvesant Ave Phone: (908) 851-6470


Address: 301 Washington Ave Phone: (908) 851-6460


Teterboro Airport

Code: TEB

Morristown Municipal Airport

Code: MMU

Lincoln Park Airport

Code: N07

Linden Airport

Code: KLDJ


Albert Guido Memorial Heliport

Code: 01NJ

At&T Heliport

Code: 03NJ

St Barnabas Medical Center Heliport

Code: 08NJ

Essex Generating Station Heliport

Code: 0NJ7

Port Newark Helistop

Code: 0NJ8

Hess Port Reading Heliport

Code: 13JY

Newark/Jersey Street Heliport

Code: 1JY1

Mbna Heliport

Code: 1JY3

Bayonne Golf Club Heliport

Code: 2NJ9

Raven's Nest Heliport

Code: 45NJ

Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport

Code: 4NK9

Lockheed Electronics Company, Inc. Heliport

Code: 69NJ

Merck & County Heliport

Code: 7NJ8

Kennedy Stadium Heliport

Code: 8NJ5

Newark Academy Heliport

Code: JY11

Chem-Fleur Helistop

Code: NJ35

Soverel Park Heliport

Code: NJ36

Elmwood Park Heliport

Code: NJ37

Martens Stadium Heliport

Code: NJ38

Oval Park Heliport

Code: NJ39

Liberty Hall Heliport

Code: NJ44

Prudential/Florham Park Heliport

Code: NJ51

Kearny Helistop

Code: NJ78

Seton Hall Heliport

Code: NJ80

Bayway Refinery Heliport

Code: NJ82

American Cyanamid Linden Heliport

Code: NJ83

Univ of Medicine & Dentistry Rooftop Heliport

Code: NJ87

St Benedict's Heliport

Code: NJ92

Helo Kearny Heliport

Code: 65NJ