Population 50,814
State New Jersey
County Middlesex County
Current Time
Zip Codes 8861, 8862


Raritan Bay Medical Center

Address: 530 New Brunswick Ave Phone: (732) 442-3700


Mdsx Co Voc Perth Amboy

Address: 457 High St Phone: (732) 442-9595

Edward J Patten Elementaryschool

Address: 500 Charles St Phone: (732) 376-6050

Robert N Wilentz Elementary

Address: 51 First St Phone: (732) 376-6070

Ignacio Cruz Ecc

Address: 581 Cortlandt St Phone: (732) 376-6250

Perth Amboy High

Address: Eagle Ave And Francis St Phone: (732) 376-6030

Anthony V Ceres School

Address: 445 State St Phone: (732) 376-6020

Hmieleski Ecc

Address: 925 Amboy Ave Phone: (732) 324-9860

Hn Richardson 21 Cent School

Address: 318 Stockton St Phone: (732) 376-6010

Mc Ginnis Middle School

Address: 271 State St Phone: (732) 376-6040

James J Flynn

Address: 850 Chamberlain Ave Phone: (732) 376-6080

Samuel E Shull Middle

Address: 380 Hall Ave Phone: (732) 376-6060


Werner Private Airport

Code: NJ75

Hop Brook Farm Airport

Code: NJ72

Mar Bar L Farms Airport

Code: NJ46

Linden Airport

Code: KLDJ

Central Jersey Regional Airport

Code: 47N

Old Bridge Airport

Code: K3N6


Jersey Tpke New Brunswick Helistop

Code: 0NJ9

New Jersey Steel Helistop

Code: 17NJ

Jersey Turnpike Heliport

Code: 1NJ0

Rutger's Helistop Sec. A & B Heliport

Code: 1NJ1

Hess State Street Heliport

Code: 22JY

Parlin East Heliport

Code: 43NJ

Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport

Code: 4NK9

Hazlet Township Police Heliport

Code: 78NJ

Merck & County Heliport

Code: 7NJ8

Edison Square Heliport

Code: 84NJ

Hercules Inc. Heliport

Code: 86NJ

Edison Heliport

Code: JY38

Hess Plaza Heliport

Code: JY40

Frigidaire Company Heliport

Code: NJ43

NJ Hwy Auth-Admin Bldg Helispot

Code: NJ53

State Police Holmdel Helispot Heliport

Code: NJ73

Hq 78th Division Heliport

Code: NJ76

Bayway Refinery Heliport

Code: NJ82

American Cyanamid Linden Heliport

Code: NJ83

Iff R & D Heliport

Code: NJ90

Alexanders-Menlo Park Heliport

Code: NJ93

Enzon South Plainfield Heliport