Population 69,781
State New Jersey
County Passaic County
Current Time
Zip Codes 7055


St Mary'S General Hospital

Address: 350 Boulevard Phone: (973) 365-4300


Passaic Arts And Science Charter School

Address: 84 Summit Avenue Phone: (N) -

Number 15 Vincent Capuana

Address: 374 Broadway Phone: (973) 815-8563

Number 5

Address: 168 Monroe St Phone: (973) 591-6747

Number 17

Address: 95 99 Dayton Ave Phone: (973) 591-8542

Number 16

Address: 657 Main Ave Phone: (973) 574-2145

Passaic High

Address: 170 Paulison Ave Phone: (973) 470-5600

Dan Ryan Es (Number 19 Daniel F Ryan)

Address: 320 Highland Ave Phone: (973) 779-4219

Number 3 Mario J Drago

Address: 155 Van Housten Ave Phone: (973) 470-5503

Number 1 Thomas Jefferson

Address: Broadway And Van Houten Ave Phone: (973) 470-5501

Number 4 Lincoln

Address: Boulevard And Lafayette Ave Phone: (973) 470-5504

Number 6 Martin L King

Address: 85 Hamilton Ave Phone: (973) 470-5506

Number 7 Grant

Address: Summer St And Myrtle Ave Phone: (973) 470-5507


Teterboro Airport

Code: TEB

Morristown Municipal Airport

Code: MMU

La Guardia Airport

Code: LGA

Lincoln Park Airport

Code: N07

Linden Airport

Code: KLDJ


Albert Guido Memorial Heliport

Code: 01NJ

Palisades General Hospital Heliport

Code: 07NJ

Essex Generating Station Heliport

Code: 0NJ7

Penske 2 Heliport

Code: 12NJ

Newark/Jersey Street Heliport

Code: 1JY1

Mbna Heliport

Code: 1JY3

Alexanders-Paramus Heliport

Code: 2NJ0

Troop B Heliport

Code: 39NJ

Pfister Helistop

Code: 3NJ7

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center Heliport

Code: 41NJ

Metropolitan Electric Heliport

Code: 47NJ

Lincoln Tunnel Heliport

Code: 6NJ5

Graphic Scanning Corporation Heliport

Code: 82NJ

Lembo Heliport

Code: 8NJ3

Kennedy Stadium Heliport

Code: 8NJ5

Creamer Heliport

Code: 98NJ

Lag's Landing Heliport

Code: 9NJ0

State Police Bloomfield Heliport

Code: NJ12

Hackensack Medical Center Heliport

Code: NJ22

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc Heliport

Code: NJ26

Soverel Park Heliport

Code: NJ36

Elmwood Park Heliport

Code: NJ37

Martens Stadium Heliport

Code: NJ38

Oval Park Heliport

Code: NJ39

George Washington Bridge Heliport

Code: NJ54

Getty Avenue Lot Heliport

Code: NJ68

Kearny Helistop

Code: NJ78

Univ of Medicine & Dentistry Rooftop Heliport

Code: NJ87

St Benedict's Heliport

Code: NJ92

St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport

Code: 03NJ

Helo Kearny Heliport

Code: 65NJ