Population 21,936
State New Jersey
County Somerset County
Current Time
Zip Codes


Queen City Academy Cs

Address: 815 West Seventh St Phone: (908) 753-4700

Central Jersey Arts Cs

Address: 35 37 Watchung Ave Phone: (908) 753-0030

Union County Teams Cs

Address: 515 517 West Fourth St Phone: (908) 754-9043

The Barack Obama Green Ch Hs

Address: 810 Hillside Ave Phone: (908) 834-5378


Address: 209 Berckman St Phone: (908) 731-4270


Address: 1700 West Front St Phone: (908) 731-4421

Plainfield High

Address: 950 Park Ave Phone: (908) 731-4393


Address: 661 West Eighth St Phone: (908) 731-4393


Address: 920 East Seventh St Phone: (908) 731-4310

Dewitt D Barlow

Address: E Front And Farragut Phone: (908) 731-4300


Address: 1049 Central Ave Phone: (908) 731-4280


Address: West 4Th St And Clinton Phone: (908) 731-4220


Morristown Municipal Airport

Code: MMU

Somerset Airport

Code: KSMQ

Solberg Hunterdon Airport

Code: KN51

Linden Airport

Code: KLDJ

Central Jersey Regional Airport

Code: 47N

Peters Airport

Code: 4NJ8


Colgate-Piscataway Heliport

Code: 00NJ

Penske Heliport

Code: 02NJ

At&T Heliport

Code: 03NJ

Ballymere Heliport

Code: 0NJ2

Rutgers Helistop Nr 1 Heliport

Code: 1NJ4

Foley Machinery Heliport

Code: 2NJ7

Raven's Nest Heliport

Code: 45NJ

Lockheed Electronics Company, Inc. Heliport

Code: 69NJ

Rbh Heliport

Code: 71NJ

Philips Lighting County Heliport

Code: 79NJ

Merck & County Heliport

Code: 7NJ8

Hall's No 1 Heliport

Code: 81NJ

Edison Square Heliport

Code: 84NJ

Ronson 287 Heliport

Code: 8NJ9

Bound Brook Nr 1 Heliport

Code: 9NJ1

Bound Brook Nr 2 Heliport

Code: 9NJ2

At&T Helistop

Code: 9NJ3

Edison Heliport

Code: JY38

Hess Plaza Heliport

Code: JY40

Frigidaire Company Heliport

Code: NJ43

Hq 78th Division Heliport

Code: NJ76

Atrium At Somerset Heliport

Code: NJ85

Alexanders-Menlo Park Heliport

Code: NJ93

Enzon South Plainfield Heliport