Population 247,597
State New Jersey
County Hudson County
Current Time
Zip Codes 7097, 7302-7311, 7390, 7395, 7399


Jersey City Medical Center

Address: 355 Grand Street Phone: (201) 915-2000

Carepoint Health-Christ Hospital

Address: 176 Palisade Ave Phone: (201) 795-8200


Liberty Academy Cs

Address: 211 Sherman Ave Phone: (201) 217-6771

Jersey City Comm Cs

Address: 128 Danforth Ave Phone: (201) 433-2288

Learning Community Cs

Address: One Canal St Phone: (201) 332-0900

Jersey City Golden Door

Address: 180 9Th St Phone: (201) 795-4400

Soaring Heights Cs

Address: 1 Romar Ave Phone: (201) 434-4800

Schomburg Cs

Address: 508 Grand St Phone: (201) 451-7770

University Academy Cs

Address: 275 West Side Ave Phone: (201) 200-3200

Community Solutions

Address: 2853 Kennedy Blvd Phone: (201) 521-1300

The Ethical Community Charter School

Address: 75 Broadway Phone: (201) 606-8108

Dream Prepartory Charter High School

Address: No Street Address Phone: (N) -

Explore 2000 (Middle School)

Address: 525 Montgomery St Phone: (201) 369-5560

County Prep High School

Address: 525 Montgomery St Phone: (201) 631-6302


Teterboro Airport

Code: TEB

Morristown Municipal Airport

Code: MMU

La Guardia Airport

Code: LGA

Linden Airport

Code: KLDJ


Albert Guido Memorial Heliport

Code: 01NJ

Paulus Hook Pier Heliport

Code: 05NJ

Palisades General Hospital Heliport

Code: 07NJ

Essex Generating Station Heliport

Code: 0NJ7

Port Newark Helistop

Code: 0NJ8

Newark/Jersey Street Heliport

Code: 1JY1

Mbna Heliport

Code: 1JY3

Liberty National Golf Club Heliport

Code: 20NJ

Bayonne Golf Club Heliport

Code: 2NJ9

Pfister Helistop

Code: 3NJ7

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center Heliport

Code: 41NJ

Corporate Park of Staten Island Heliport

Code: 4NK9

East 34th Street Heliport

Code: TSS

Lincoln Tunnel Heliport

Code: 6NJ5

Liberty State Park Heliport

Code: 77NJ

Kennedy Stadium Heliport

Code: 8NJ5

Newport Helistop

Code: 91NJ

West 30th St. Heliport

Code: JRA

Downtown-Manhattan/Wall St Heliport

Code: JRB

State Police Bloomfield Heliport

Code: NJ12

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc Heliport

Code: NJ26

Chem-Fleur Helistop

Code: NJ35

Soverel Park Heliport

Code: NJ36

Elmwood Park Heliport

Code: NJ37

Martens Stadium Heliport

Code: NJ38

Oval Park Heliport

Code: NJ39

Kearny Helistop

Code: NJ78

Seton Hall Heliport

Code: NJ80

Univ of Medicine & Dentistry Rooftop Heliport

Code: NJ87

St Benedict's Heliport

Code: NJ92

One Police Plaza Heliport

Code: NK39

Helo Kearny Heliport

Code: 65NJ

Caven Point Usar Center Heliport

Code: NJ77