Population 77,344
State New Jersey
County Camden County
Current Time
Zip Codes 8100-8105


Our Lady Of Lourdes Medical Center

Address: 1600 Haddon Avenue Phone: (856) 757-3500

Cooper University Hospital

Address: 1 Cooper Plaza Phone: (856) 342-2000


Camdens Promise Cs

Address: 879 Beideman Ave Phone: (856) 365-1000

Camden Academy Charter Hs

Address: 879 Beideman Ave Phone: (856) 365-1000

Leap Academy University Cs

Address: 549 Cooper St Phone: (856) 614-0400

Environment Community Cs

Address: 817 Carpenter St Phone: (856) 963-2627

D U E Season Cs

Address: 1000 Atlantic Ave Phone: (856) 225-0511

Freedom Academy Cs

Address: 1400 Collings Rd Phone: (856) 962-0766

Camden Virtua Kids In Transistion

Address: 1000 Atlantic Ave Phone: (856) 541-9212

Camden Virtua Excel

Address: 1000 Atlantic Ave Phone: (856) 541-9212

Camden Virtua - Insight

Address: 1000 Atlantic Ave Phone: (856) 541-9212

Camden Cap

Address: 1716 Broadway Phone: (856) 964-3955

Camden House

Address: 555 Atlantic Ave Phone: (856) 614-2306

Camden Sip

Address: 636 638 Benson Ave Phone: (856) 964-7291


Wings Field

Code: BBX

Reeder Airport

Code: NJ64

Peaslees Airstrip

Code: NJ25

South Jersey Regional Airport

Code: KVAY

Flying W Airport

Code: KN14

Camden County Airport

Code: K19N

Cross Keys Airport

Code: K17N

Stallone Airport

Code: 9NJ5

Bridgeport-Cahill Field

Code: 6NJ9

Thomas Browne Airpark

Code: 61NJ

Allen Airstrip

Code: 3NJ9

Inductotherm Airport

Code: 3NJ6

Linvill Airport

Code: 0PA7


S & C Distribution Center Heliport

Code: 04PA

Philadelphia Market Street Heliport

Code: 05PA

Chemical Bank - New Jersey Na Heliport

Code: 06NJ

One Meridian Plaza Heliport

Code: 10PN

Wcau Heliport

Code: 12PN

401 City Avenue Heliport

Code: 1PA1

St Christopher's Hospital For Children Heliport

Code: 1PA2

Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: 1PS5

Hahnemann Heliport

Code: 1PS7

Hargrove Heliport

Code: 2JY9

Federal Reserve Bank Heliport

Code: 2PN8

Albert Einstein Medical Center Heliport

Code: 2PS9

Episcopal Hospital Heliport

Code: 36PA

Express Marine Heliport

Code: 50NJ

Atlantic Refining & Marketing Corp Heliport

Code: 56PN

S & C 8th & Market Helistop

Code: 9PA4

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport

Code: 9PA8

Lankenau Hospital Heliport

Code: 9PA9

Childrens Hospital Of Philadelphia Heliport

Code: 9PN2

S and C Echelon Heliport

Code: NJ03

Cooper Medical Center Heliport

Code: NJ17

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Heliport

Code: NJ18

Cherry Hill Inn Heliport

Code: NJ21

P & A Deptford Heliport

Code: NJ34

Caputo Helistop

Code: NJ67

C and T Helistop

Code: NJ94

Penn's Landing Heliport

Code: P72

Hospital of Univ. of Pa Heliport

Code: PA03

T N Ward Heliport

Code: PA34

Temple University Heliport

Code: PA62

Core States - 1st Pa Heliport

Code: PS55

Peco Oregon Shop Heliport

Code: PS75