Population 102,434
State Michigan
County Genesee County
Current Time
Zip Codes 48501-48507, 48531, 48532, 48550-48557, 48559


Mclaren Flint

Address: 401 S Ballenger Highway Phone: (810) 342-2000

Hurley Medical Center

Address: One Hurley Plaza Phone: (810) 257-9000


Genesee Isd Transition Center

Address: 3136 South Linden Rd Phone: (810) 591-4886

Health Safety And Nutrition Services

Address: 2284 South Ballenger Hwy Phone: (810) 591-4412

Special Services - North

Address: 5075 Pilgrim Rd Phone: (810) 591-4881

Special Education Services-South

Address: 5089 Pilgrim Rd Phone: (810) 591-4883

Elmer A. Knopf Learning Center

Address: 1493 West Maple Ave Phone: (810) 591-4489

Hamady Community High School

Address: 3223 West Carpenter Rd G Phone: (810) 591-0890

Colonel Donald Mcmonagle Elementary School

Address: 3484 North Jennings Rd Phone: (810) 591-5145

Hamady Middle School

Address: 3223 West Carpenter Rd G Phone: (810) 591-0895

Armstrong Middle School

Address: 6161 Hopkins Rd G Phone: (810) 591-9929

Kearsley High School

Address: 4302 Underhill Dr G Phone: (810) 591-5313

Leota Fiedler Elementary School

Address: 6317 Nightingale Dr G Phone: (810) 591-9925

Thelma Buffey Elementary School

Address: 4235 Crosby Rd G Phone: (810) 591-9922



Perani Arena and Event Center

Tenant: Flint Firebirds Opened: 1969 Capacity: 6469


Bishop International Airport

Code: FNT

Ed Schulte's Place STOLport

Code: MI45

Pewanogowink-Banks Airport

Code: MI43

Cedarville Airport

Code: MI18

Crompton's Private Strip

Code: MI05

Prices Airport

Code: K9G2

Athelone Williams Memorial Airport

Code: K6G0

Grass Roots STOLport

Code: 9MI5

Jensen Field

Code: 6MI1

Bean Blossom Airport

Code: 6B3

Duford Field

Code: 68G

Cagney Airport

Code: 51G

Dalton Airport

Code: 3DA

Barnstormers 5 Airport

Code: 16MI

John's Airport

Code: 12MI


Flow Through Terminal Heliport

Code: 01MI