Population 6,180
State Louisiana
County East Baton Rouge Parish
Current Time
Zip Codes 70873, 70891


Baton Rouge Metropolitan, Ryan Field

Code: BTR

Daniel Airport

Code: LA03

Simpson Airport

Code: LS49

Country Bend Airport

Code: LS39

Omni Airport

Code: LA46

Capozzoli Airport

Code: LA42

Wilbert Airport

Code: LA15

Louisiana Regional Airport

Code: KL38

Triangle J Airport

Code: 54LA

R T Leblanc Airport

Code: 51LA

La Coste Construction County Airport

Code: 3LA3

Southern Helicopters Airport

Code: 21LA

Clark Field

Code: 20LS

Cal Mire Field

Code: 1LS0

Rebel Field

Code: 0LA9

Don Babin-Private Airport

Code: 0LA2

Double H Ranch Airport

Code: 0LA1


La National Guard Heliport

Code: 04LS

Go Gulf Heliport

Code: 14LS

Baton Rouge General Hospital Heliport

Code: 27LA

La Dotd Headquarters Heliport

Code: 27LS

Our Lady of the Lake R.M.C. Heliport

Code: 29LA

Woman's Hospital Heliport

Code: 49LA

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp Heliport

Code: 67LA

Louisiana State Police Headquarters Heliport

Code: 8LA2

La State Police Troop A Heliport

Code: 96LA

Baton Rouge General Medical Center Heliport

Code: LA00

Baton Rouge Heliport

Code: LA05

Louisiana State Police Headquarters Heliport

Code: LA28

Jenkins Heliport

Code: LA69

Medical Center of Baton Rouge Heliport

Code: LA99