Population 101,168
State Indiana
County Saint Joseph County
Current Time
Zip Codes 46601, 46604, 46612-46617, 46619, 46620, 46624, 46626, 46628, 46629, 46634, 46635, 46637, 46660, 46680, 46699


Memorial Hospital Of South Bend

Address: 615 N Michigan St Phone: (574) 647-1000


South Bend Juv Corr Fac

Address: 4650 Old Cleveland Rd Phone: (574) 232-8808

Veritas Academy

Address: 530 East Ireland Rd Bldg B Phone: (574) 287-3230

Xavier School Of Excellence

Address: 3423 South Michigan Phone: (574) 231-6600

Wilson Primary Center

Address: 56660 Oak Rd Phone: (574) 283-7400

Madison Center

Address: 701 North Niles Ave Phone: (574) 283-1761

Jackson Intermediate Center

Address: 5001 South Miami Rd Phone: (574) 231-5600

Juvenile Justice Center

Address: 1000 South Michigan Ave Phone: (574) 235-5437

Coquillard Primary Center

Address: 1245 North Sheridan St Phone: (574) 283-8610

Harrison Primary Center

Address: 3302 Western Ave Phone: (574) 283-7300

Darden Primary Center

Address: 18645 Janet St Phone: (574) 243-7335

Clay High School

Address: 19131 Darden Rd Phone: (574) 243-7000

Tarkington Traditional Center

Address: 3414 Hepler Rd Phone: (574) 243-7210


South Bend Regional Airport

Code: SBN

Nelson Airport

Code: MI72

Crump Airport

Code: MI22

Elkhart Municipal Airport

Code: KEKM

Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport

Code: K3TR

Hustons Airport

Code: IN93

Foos Field

Code: IN82

Hackbarth Airport

Code: IN42

Stewarts Green Acres Airport

Code: IN38

Eby Field

Code: II74

C. V. Airport

Code: II43

Sherk Field

Code: II38

Dillon Airport

Code: 9II3

Nelund Field

Code: 9II2

Hancock Airport

Code: 6MI6

Stuntz & Hochstetler Pines Airport

Code: 59IN

Cummings Field

Code: 45II

Chain-O-Lakes Airport

Code: 3IN7

Birkey Private Airport

Code: 3II8

Mishawaka Pilots Club Airport

Code: 3C1

Peterson Ultralightport

Code: 36IN

Rentz Ultralightport

Code: 31MI

Wolverton's Field

Code: 30MI

Creighton Airport

Code: 0II2


Memorial Hospital At South Bend Heliport

Code: 79IN

Wndu Heliport

Code: 7II4

St Joseph Regional Medical Center Heliport

Code: IN77