Population 56,129
State Indiana
County Madison County
Current Time
Zip Codes 46011-46018


Community Hospital Of Anderson And Madison County

Address: 1515 N Madison Ave Phone: (765) 298-4242

St Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital Inc

Address: 2015 Jackson St Phone: (765) 646-8373


Anderson Preparatory Academy

Address: 3205 West 25Th St Phone: (765) 649-8472

Ebbertt Education Center

Address: 325 West 38Th St Phone: (765) 641-2121

Anderson High School

Address: 4610 Madison Ave Phone: (765) 641-2037

Tenth Street Elementary School

Address: 3124 East 10Th St Phone: (765) 641-2103

Valley Grove Elementary School

Address: 2160 South 300 East Phone: (765) 378-3393

New Futures Learning Center

Address: 2001 Ashbourne Rd Phone: (765) 641-2121

Acs High School Options Program

Address: 1229 Lincoln St Phone: (765) 641-2121

Anderson Elementary School

Address: 2035 South Raible Ave Phone: (765) 641-2092

Eastside Elementary School

Address: 844 North Scatterfield Rd Phone: (765) 641-2101

Highland Jr High School

Address: 2108 East 200 North Phone: (765) 641-2059

Erskine Elementary School

Address: 811 West 60Th St Phone: (765) 641-2099

North Side Intermediate School

Address: 1815 Indiana Ave Phone: (765) 641-2055


Delaware County Johnson Field

Code: MIE

Anderson Municipal Darlington Field

Code: AID

Carroll's Airpark

Code: IN56

Stephenson Airport

Code: IN32

North Lakeland Airport

Code: IN31

Irion Airport

Code: II94

Poole Airport

Code: II86

Wallace Field

Code: II78

Creekside Farm Airport

Code: II42

Ward Airport

Code: II27

Sugar Creek Air Park

Code: II13

Ferrell Airport

Code: II06

Alexandria Airport

Code: I99

Noblesville Airport

Code: I80

Cruzan Field

Code: 9II4

The Last Resort Airport

Code: 7IN9

Sauer-Harter Airport

Code: 79II

Foghorn Farms Airport

Code: 6IN5

Pat Robinson Airport

Code: 66II

Elwood Airport

Code: 3I1

Roberts Field

Code: 39IN

Burk Personal Use Airport

Code: 34II

Galloway Airport

Code: 2IN6

Midkiff Airport

Code: 2IN5

Stottlemyer Airport

Code: 2II3

Heinzman Airport

Code: 03IN

Diamond P. Field

Code: 02IN


Community Hospital Heliport

Code: 01IN