Population 41,250
State Illinois
County Champaign County
Current Time
Zip Codes 61801-61803


Presence Covenant Medical Center

Address: 1400 West Park Avenue Phone: (217) 337-2000

The Carle Foundation Hospital

Address: 611 West Park Street Phone: (217) 383-3311


University Of Illinois High School

Address: 1212 West Springfield Ave Phone: (217) 333-2870

Youth Detention Center

Address: 400 Art Bartell Rd Phone: (217) 384-3780

Leal Elementaryschool

Address: 312 West Oregon St Phone: (217) 384-3618

Prairie Elementaryschool

Address: 2102 East Washington St Phone: (217) 384-3628

M L King Jr Elementaryschool

Address: 1108 Fairview Ave Phone: (217) 384-3675

Thomas Paine Elementaryschool

Address: 1801 James Cherry Dr Phone: (217) 384-3602

Urbana High School

Address: 1002 South Race St Phone: (217) 384-3524

Urbana Middle School

Address: 1201 South Vine St Phone: (217) 384-3685

Yankee Ridge Elementaryschool

Address: 2102 South Anderson St Phone: (217) 384-3608

Washington Early Childhood Center

Address: 1102 North Broadway Ave Phone: (217) 384-3616

Wiley Elementary School

Address: 1602 South Anderson St Phone: (217) 384-3670


University of Illinois Willard Airport

Code: CMI

Rantoul National Avn Center-Frank Elliot field

Code: KTIP

Frasca Field

Code: KC16

Riggins Farms Airport

Code: IS43

Mc Culley Airport

Code: IL56

Andrew RLA Restricted Landing Area Airport

Code: IL55

Busboom Airport

Code: IL45

Routh Airport

Code: 9IL2

Trisler Airport

Code: 6IS8

Day Aero-Place Airport

Code: 6IS0

Wilson Airport

Code: 62IS

Schmidt Airport

Code: 56IS

Clapper Airport

Code: 53IL

Litchfield RLA Restricted Landing Area

Code: 4IS7

Justus Airport

Code: 2LL5

Oink Acres Airport

Code: 17LL

Busboom RLA Restricted Landing Area

Code: 0LL5


Covenant Medical Center Heliport

Code: 4LL2

County Emerg Svcs/Disaster Agcy Heliport

Code: IS22

Carle Hospital Heliport

Code: IS96