Population 6,373
State Georgia
County Fulton County
Current Time
Zip Codes 30050


Hapeville Elementary School

Address: 3440 North Fulton Ave Phone: (404) 669-8220

Hapeville Charter Middle School

Address: 3510 Atlanta Ave Phone: (404) 767-7730


Jim's Private Airport


Fulton County Airport Brown Field

Code: KFTY

Berry Hill Airport

Code: K4A0

Coleman Field

Code: GA95

Mc Lendon Airport

Code: GA94

Bishops Airport

Code: GA93

Beck Field

Code: GA92

Adams Airport

Code: GA91

Walker Field

Code: GA90

Diamond S Airport

Code: GA89

Rollins STOLport

Code: GA53

South Fulton Airport

Code: 89GE

Deerfield Landing Airport

Code: 54GA

Smith Field

Code: 51GA

Gorden E Bellah International Airport

Code: 4GE2

Chattahoochee Air Park

Code: 4GA6

Grant Airport

Code: 3GA0

Miller Farm Airport

Code: 25GA

Willow Pond Aviation Inc Airport

Code: 19GA


Grady Memorial Hospital Heliport

Code: 1GE8

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Heliport

Code: 2GE4

Wgcl-Tv Heliport

Code: 31GA

Stonewall Heliport

Code: 3GA4

Clayton Heliport

Code: 41GA

Southern Regional Medical Center Heliport

Code: 49GA

Rabbit Hole Heliport

Code: 52GA

Fort Gillem Heliport

Code: 65GA

Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Heliport

Code: 7GA6

Trico Heliport

Code: 9GA4

Legacy Medical Center Heliport

Code: 9GE8

The Coca Cola Company Heliport

Code: GA56

Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital Heliport

Code: GA64

South Fulton Medical Center Heliport

Code: GA71

State Capital Parking Lot Heliport

Code: GA85

Fort Mcpherson Heliport

Code: GA96