Population 70,851
State Delaware
County New Castle County
Current Time
Zip Codes 19801-19810, 19850, 19880, 19884-19887, 19889-19899


Wilmington Va Medical Center

Address: 1601 Kirkwood Highway Phone: (302) 994-2511

St Francis Hospital

Address: 7Th And Clayton Sts Phone: (302) 421-4100


Charter School Of Wilmington

Address: 100 North Dupont Rd Phone: (302) 651-2727

East Side Charter School

Address: 3000 North Claymont St Phone: (302) 762-5834

Edison (Thomas A.) Charter School

Address: 2200 North Locust St Phone: (302) 778-1101

Kuumba Academy Charter School

Address: 519 North Market St Phone: (302) 472-6450

Delaware Military Academy

Address: 112 Middleboro Rd Phone: (302) 998-0745

Moyer (Maurice J.) Academy

Address: 610 East 17Th St Phone: (302) 428-9501

Odyssey Charter School

Address: 201 Bayard Ave Phone: (302) 655-5760

Delaware College Preparatory Academy

Address: 510 West 28Th St Phone: (302) 762-7424

Prestige Academy

Address: 1121 Thatcher St Phone: (302) 762-3240

Douglass School

Address: 1800 Prospect Rd Phone: (302) 429-4146

Stubbs (Frederick Douglass) Elementary School

Address: 1100 North Pine St Phone: (302) 429-4175

Pulaski (Casimir) Elementary School

Address: 1300 Cedar St Phone: (302) 429-4136


New Castle Airport

Code: ILG

Salem Airfield

Code: NJ74

Paruszewski Farm Strip

Code: NJ30

Peaslees Airstrip

Code: NJ25

Brandywine Airport

Code: KOQN

New Garden Airport

Code: KN57

Summit Airport

Code: KEVY

Rainbow'S End Airport

Code: JY39

Var-Sky Airport

Code: JY08

Stallone Airport

Code: 9NJ5

Spitfire Aerodrome

Code: 7N7

Bridgeport-Cahill Field

Code: 6NJ9

Mountain Top Airport

Code: 4PS4

Whittle Airport

Code: 1PA6

Linvill Airport

Code: 0PA7


A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: 16DE

Montgomery General Hospital Airport

Code: 18MD

Deepwater Heliport

Code: 37NJ

Eagle Run Heliport

Code: DE01

Wilmington Country Club Heliport

Code: DE05

Delaware Museum Heliport

Code: DE06

Rollins Building Heliport

Code: DE16

Strawbridge Christiana Mall Heliport

Code: DE18

Christina Hospital Heliport

Code: DE26

A.I.Dupont Institute Heliport

Code: DE28

Bracebridge Iii Heliport

Code: DE30

Greenville Heliport

Code: DE31

Deepwater Station Heliport

Code: NJ32