Population 18,644
State Colorado
County Weld County
Current Time
Zip Codes 80550, 80551


Mountain View Elementary School

Address: 810 Third St Phone: (970) 686-8300

Tozer Elementary School

Address: 501 Oak St Phone: (970) 686-8400

Windsor High School

Address: 1100 West Main St Phone: (970) 686-8100

Windsor Middle School

Address: 900 Main St Phone: (970) 686-8200

Skyview Elementary School

Address: 1000 Stone Mountain Dr Phone: (970) 686-8500

Windsor Charter Academy

Address: 680 Academy Court Phone: (970) 674-5020

Grandview Elementary School

Address: 1583 Grand Ave Phone: (970) 686-8600

Severance Middle School

Address: 1801 Avery Plaza St Phone: (970) 674-5200


Carrera Airpark


Greeley Weld County Airport

Code: KGXY

Easton/Valley View Airport

Code: K11V

Uhrich Airport

Code: CO70

Hay Fever Farm Airport

Code: CO59

Christman Field

Code: CO55

Yankee Field

Code: CO53

Crop Air Inc Airport

Code: CO48

Sprague Airport

Code: CD20

Lazy W Airport

Code: 86CO

Skywagon Ranch Airport

Code: 6CO6

Hat-Field STOLport

Code: 6CO4

Highline Farm Airstrip

Code: 67CO

Wkr Airport

Code: 65CO

Shaull Farm Airstrip

Code: 48CO

Jackrabbit Strip

Code: 2CO3

Bellmore Farms Airport

Code: 1CO3

Reed Airport

Code: 1CD1

Skylane Ranch Airport

Code: 17CO


Medical Center Of The Rockies Heliport

Code: 2CD2