Population 106,114
State Colorado
County Adams County
Current Time
Zip Codes 80030, 80031, 80035, 80036


Ricardo Flores Magon Academy

Address: 7255 Irving St Phone: (303) 412-7601

Goal Academy

Address: 3621 West 73Rd Ave Phone: (719) 545-4707

Goal Ged Prep

Address: 3621 West 73Rd Ave Unit C Phone: (719) 545-4704

Sheridan Green Elementary School

Address: 10951 North Harlan St Phone: (303) 982-3182

Zerger Elementary School

Address: 9050 Field St Phone: (303) 982-1075

Ryan Elementary School

Address: 5851 West 115Th Ave Phone: (303) 982-3105

Witt Elementary School

Address: 10255 West 104Th Dr Phone: (303) 982-3380

Mandalay Middle School

Address: 9651 North Pierce St Phone: (303) 982-9802

Adams Elementary School

Address: 6450 West 95Th Place Phone: (303) 982-9790

Lukas Elementary School

Address: 9650 West 97Th Ave Phone: (303) 982-0368

Standley Lake High School

Address: 9300 West 104Th Ave Phone: (303) 982-3311

Semper Elementary School

Address: 7575 West 96Th Ave Phone: (303) 982-6460


Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

Code: BJC

Buckley Air Force Base

Code: BFK

Henderson Airport


Erie Municipal Airport

Code: KEIK

Reasoner Airport

Code: CO14

Heckendorf Ranches Airport

Code: CO13

Lemons Private Strip

Code: CO10

Tall Timber Airport

Code: CD28

Parkland Airport

Code: 7CO0

Simons Airport

Code: 34CO

Dave's Airport

Code: 0CO1

Fox Hole Airport

Code: 0CD7


Channel 7 Heliport

Code: 11CO

Presbyterian/St Luke's Medical Center Heliport

Code: 2CO4

St Anthony North Heliport

Code: 4CO4

Lutheran Medical Center Heliport

Code: 4CO6

The Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: 57CO

Police Headquarters Heliport

Code: 9CO0

S F Heliport

Code: CD04

Public Service Company/Mdc Heliport

Code: CD08

North Suburban Medical Center Heliport

Code: CD22

General Mail Facility Heliport

Code: CO01

St Anthony Hospital Central Heliport

Code: CO04

Public Service of Colorado Arvada Heliport

Code: CO08

Cirino Heliport

Code: CO26

University Hospital Heliport

Code: CO29

Rose Medical Center Heliport

Code: CO31

Capri Heliport

Code: CO32

St Lukes Hospital Heliport

Code: CO34

Denver Health Heliport

Code: CO35

St Joseph Hospital Heliport

Code: CO37

Denver Federal Center Helistop

Code: CO39

Vtol Heliport

Code: CO40

Bulk Mail Center Heliport

Code: CO83

Kusa Helistop

Code: CO88