Population 142,980
State Colorado
County Jefferson County
Current Time
Zip Codes 80247, 80285


Orthocolorado Hospital At St Anthony Med Campus

Address: 11650 W 2Nd Place Phone: (720) 321-5000

Centura Health-St Anthony Hospital

Address: 11600 West 2Nd Place Phone: (720) 321-0000


Lake City Community School

Address: 614 North Silver St Phone: (970) 944-2314

Alameda High School

Address: 1255 South Wadsworth Blvd Phone: (303) 982-8160

Bear Creek K-8 School

Address: 9601 West Dartmouth Place Phone: (303) 982-8714

Bear Creek High School

Address: 9800 West Dartmouth Place Phone: (303) 982-8855

Belmar Elementary School

Address: 885 South Garrison St Phone: (303) 982-8220

Carmody Middle School

Address: 2050 South Kipling St Phone: (303) 982-8930

Dennison Elementary School

Address: 401 Independence St Phone: (303) 982-6382

Creighton Middle School

Address: 75 Independence St Phone: (303) 982-6282

Devinny Elementary School

Address: 1725 South Wright St Phone: (303) 982-9200

Dunstan Middle School

Address: 1855 South Wright St Phone: (303) 982-9270

Eiber Elementary School

Address: 1385 Independence St Phone: (303) 982-6406

Foothills Elementary School

Address: 13165 West Ohio Ave Phone: (303) 982-9324


Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport

Code: BJC

Buckley Air Force Base

Code: BFK

Centennial Airport

Code: APA

Henderson Airport


Bowen Farms Nr 1 Airport

Code: CO98

Marshdale STOLport

Code: CO52

Tall Timber Airport

Code: CD28

Meyer Ranch Airport

Code: 5CO6

Simons Airport

Code: 34CO


Swedish S.W. Medical Heliport

Code: 0CD9

Channel 7 Heliport

Code: 11CO

Swedish Medical Center Heliport

Code: 15CO

Mount Morrison Heliport

Code: 1CO1

Lookout Center Rooftop Heliport

Code: 20CO

Lookout Center Parking Lot Heliport

Code: 21CO

Presbyterian/St Luke's Medical Center Heliport

Code: 2CO4

Lutheran Medical Center Heliport

Code: 4CO6

The Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: 57CO

Porter Memorial Hospital Heliport

Code: 69CO

Police Headquarters Heliport

Code: 9CO0

S F Heliport

Code: CD04

St Anthony Hospital Central Heliport

Code: CO04

Public Service of Colorado Arvada Heliport

Code: CO08

University Hospital Heliport

Code: CO29

Gates Rubber County Heliport

Code: CO30

Rose Medical Center Heliport

Code: CO31

St Lukes Hospital Heliport

Code: CO34

Denver Health Heliport

Code: CO35

St Joseph Hospital Heliport

Code: CO37

Denver Federal Center Helistop

Code: CO39

Vtol Heliport

Code: CO40

Denver Police Department-District 3 Heliport

Code: CO41

Cherry Creek Townhouse Heliport

Code: CO62

Morton Heliport

Code: CO66

Kusa Helistop

Code: CO88

Lakewood / St. Anthony's Hospital Heliport

Code: 42CO