Population 325,078
State Colorado
County Adams County
Current Time
Zip Codes 80010-80019, 80040-80042, 80044-80047


Childrens Hospital Colorado

Address: 13123 East 16Th Avenue Phone: (720) 777-1234

Medical Center Of Aurora, The

Address: 1501 S Potomac St Phone: (303) 695-2600

University Of Colorado Hospital Anschutz Inpatient

Address: 12605 East 16Th Avenue Phone: (720) 848-0000


Pine Ridge Elementary School

Address: 6525 South Wheatlands Parkway Phone: (720) 886-8800

Fox Ridge Middle School

Address: 26301 East Arapahoe Rd Phone: (720) 886-4700

Buffalo Trail Elementary School

Address: 24300 East Progress Dr Phone: (720) 886-4000

Coyote Hills Elementary School

Address: 24605 East Davies Way Phone: (720) 886-3900

Highline Community Elementary School

Address: 11000 East Exposition Phone: (720) 747-2300

Cherokee Trail High School

Address: 25901 Arapahoe Parkway Phone: (720) 886-1900

Sky Vista Middle School

Address: 4500 South Himalaya St Phone: (720) 886-4711

Canyon Creek Elementary School

Address: 6070 South Versailles Parkway Phone: (720) 886-3600

Liberty Middle School

Address: 21500 East Dry Creek Rd Phone: (720) 886-2400

Fox Hollow Elementary School

Address: 6363 South Waco St Phone: (720) 886-8700

Dakota Valley Elementary School

Address: 3950 South Kirk Way Phone: (720) 886-3000

Antelope Ridge Elementary School

Address: 5455 South Tempe St Phone: (720) 886-3300


Buckley Air Force Base

Code: BFK

Centennial Airport

Code: APA

Henderson Airport


Front Range Airport

Code: KFTG

Bowen Farms Nr 1 Airport

Code: CO98

Reasoner Airport

Code: CO14

Heckendorf Ranches Airport

Code: CO13

Harrington Ranch Airport

Code: CO02

Simons Airport

Code: 34CO

Everitt Airport

Code: 1CO8


Channel 7 Heliport

Code: 11CO

Swedish Medical Center Heliport

Code: 15CO

Aurora Regional Medical Center Heliport

Code: 1CO0

Children'S Hospital Heliport

Code: 2CD8

Presbyterian/St Luke's Medical Center Heliport

Code: 2CO4

The Children's Hospital Heliport

Code: 57CO

Porter Memorial Hospital Heliport

Code: 69CO

Police Headquarters Heliport

Code: 9CO0

General Mail Facility Heliport

Code: CO01

Aurora Presbyterian Hospital Heliport

Code: CO05

University Hospital Heliport

Code: CO29

Gates Rubber County Heliport

Code: CO30

Rose Medical Center Heliport

Code: CO31

St Lukes Hospital Heliport

Code: CO34

Denver Health Heliport

Code: CO35

St Joseph Hospital Heliport

Code: CO37

Vtol Heliport

Code: CO40

Denver Police Department-District 3 Heliport

Code: CO41

Cherry Creek Townhouse Heliport

Code: CO62

Bulk Mail Center Heliport

Code: CO83

Kusa Helistop

Code: CO88

Dtc North Heliport