Population 78,405
State California
County Los Angeles County
Current Time
Zip Codes 90731-90734


Providence Little Co Of Mary Med Ctr San Pedro

Address: 1300 W 7Th St Phone: (310) 832-3311


Angel'S Gate (Continuation)

Address: 3200 Alma St Phone: (310) 221-4600

Bandini Street Elementary

Address: 425 North Bandini St Phone: (310) 832-4593

Barton Hill Elementary

Address: 423 North Pacific Ave Phone: (310) 547-2471

Cabrillo Avenue Elementary

Address: 732 South Cabrillo Ave Phone: (310) 832-6446

Richard Henry Dana Middle

Address: 1501 South Cabrillo Ave Phone: (310) 241-1100

Fifteenth Street Elementary

Address: 1527 South Mesa St Phone: (310) 547-3323

Leland Street Elementary

Address: 2120 South Leland St Phone: (310) 832-0505

Park Western Place Elementary

Address: 1214 Park Western Place Phone: (310) 833-3591

Point Fermin Elementary

Address: 3333 Kerckhoff Ave Phone: (310) 832-2649

San Pedro Senior High

Address: 1001 West 15Th St Phone: (310) 241-5800

Seventh Street Elementary

Address: 1570 West Seventh St Phone: (310) 832-1538

South Shores/Csudh Visual And Performing Arts

Address: 2060 West 35Th St Phone: (310) 832-6596


Zamperini Field

Code: KTOA

Los Alamitos Army Air Field

Code: KSLI

Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal Airport

Code: KHHR

Compton Woodley Airport

Code: KCPM

Goodyear Blimp Base Airport

Code: 64CL


Cosmodyne Heliport

Code: 2CA1

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Heliport

Code: 30CL

World Trade Center Heliport

Code: 3CL3

Long Point Heliport

Code: 3CL6

Toyota Helistop

Code: 3CL8

Naa Long Beach Port Helistop

Code: 42L

St Mary Medical Center Heliport

Code: 50CA

Northrop Palos Verdes Heliport

Code: 66CN

Catalina Air-Sea Terminal Heliport

Code: 6CA3

Carson Sheriff Station Heliport

Code: 7L1

Ports O'Call Heliport

Code: CA52

Queen Mary Heliport

Code: CL07

Queensway Bay Heliport

Code: CL30