Population 48,993
State California
County Los Angeles County
Current Time
Zip Codes 91748


Alvarado Intermediate

Address: 1901 South Desire Ave Phone: (626) 964-2358

Blandford Elementary

Address: 2601 Blandford Dr Phone: (626) 965-3410

John A. Rowland High

Address: 2000 South Otterbein St Phone: (626) 965-3448

Jellick Elementary

Address: 1400 South Jellick Ave Phone: (626) 964-1275

Killian Elementary

Address: 19100 East Killian St Phone: (626) 964-6409

Rowland Elementary

Address: 2036 South Fullerton Rd Phone: (626) 964-3441

Shelyn Elementary

Address: 19500 East Nacora St Phone: (909) 444-0584

Santana High (Continuation)

Address: 1006 Otterbein St Phone: (626) 965-5971

Rowland Unified Community Day

Address: 1928 Nogales St Phone: (626) 935-8202

Iq Academy California-Los Angeles

Address: 1830 South Nogales St Phone: (866) 997-4722


Ontario International Airport

Code: ONT

Cable Airport

Code: CCB

Los Alamitos Army Air Field

Code: KSLI

Brackett Field

Code: KPOC

El Monte Airport

Code: KEMT

Chino Airport

Code: KCNO

Corona Municipal Airport

Code: KAJO


R I An Anaheim Helistop G/L B/201 Heliport

Code: 24CN

Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital Heliport

Code: 31CL

City of Industry Civic Financial Center Heliport

Code: 40CA

Brian Chuchua Jeep Heliport

Code: 7CA7

L A County Sheriff's Department Heliport

Code: 7L5

Pomona Police Department Heliport

Code: 98L

Recreation and Conference Center Heliport

Code: 9CA3

Haddicks Heliport

Code: CL87

Northrop Anaheim Heliport

Code: CN22

Boeing Anaheim B/250 Heliport

Code: CN43