Population 68,469
State California
County Los Angeles County
Current Time
Zip Codes 91324-91330


Northridge Hospital Medical Center

Address: 18300 Roscoe Blvd Phone: (818) 885-8500


Andasol Avenue Elementary

Address: 10126 Encino Ave Phone: (818) 349-8631

Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet Elementary

Address: 17020 Labrador St Phone: (818) 349-4801

Beckford Avenue Elementary

Address: 19130 Tulsa St Phone: (818) 360-1924

Calahan Street Elementary

Address: 18722 Knapp St Phone: (818) 886-4612

Castlebay Lane Elementary

Address: 19010 Castlebay Ln Phone: (818) 360-1908

Darby Avenue Elementary

Address: 10818 Darby Ave Phone: (818) 360-1824

Dearborn Street Elementary

Address: 9240 Wish Ave Phone: (818) 349-4381

Oliver Wendell Holmes Middle

Address: 9351 Paso Robles Ave Phone: (818) 678-4100

Lorne Street Elementary

Address: 17440 Lorne St Phone: (818) 342-3123

Napa Street Elementary

Address: 19010 Napa St Phone: (818) 885-1441

Alfred Bernhard Nobel Middle

Address: 9950 Tampa Ave Phone: (818) 773-4700

Northridge Middle

Address: 17960 Chase St Phone: (818) 678-5100


Whiteman Airport

Code: WHP

Bob Hope Airport

Code: BUR

Van Nuys Airport

Code: KVNY

Santa Monica Municipal Airport

Code: KSMO


Devonshire Area Heliport

Code: 14L

Boeing Santa Susana Heliport

Code: 1CA0

Litton Industries Heliport

Code: 26CL

Prudential Helistop

Code: 2CA7

Dept. Of Water And Power Granada Hills Heliport

Code: 2CN2

Holy Cross Medical Center Heliport

Code: 3CA8

Van Nuys County Court Heliport

Code: 43L

Spears Heliport

Code: 47CL

Hummingbird Nest Heliport

Code: 53CA

Engine Co Nr 109 Heliport

Code: 61L

Boeing Canoga Park Heliport

Code: 7CL3

Merle Norman Cosmetics (Sylmar) Heliport

Code: 8CA1

R I Ai Canoga Park B/2 Helistop

Code: 8CL5

Warner Center Plaza One Heliport

Code: 96CA

Olive View Medical Center Heliport

Code: CA64

Northridge Hospital Heliport

Code: CA86

Great Western Helistop

Code: CL26

Sherman Oaks Community Hospital Heliport

Code: CL80

Los Angeles Times - Northridge Heliport

Code: CL89

Hughes/Canoga Park Heliport

Code: CN27

Boeing De Soto Heliport

Code: CN32

Barton Heliport

Code: PAI