Population 77,848
State California
County Los Angeles County
Current Time
Zip Codes 91601-91603, 91605, 91606, 91609, 91611, 91612, 91615, 91616, 91618


Southern California Hospital At Hollywood

Address: 6245 De Longpre Ave Phone: (323) 462-2271


Arminta Street Elementary

Address: 11530 Strathern St Phone: (818) 765-5911

Burbank Boulevard Elementary

Address: 12215 Albers St Phone: (818) 763-6497

Camellia Avenue Elementary

Address: 7451 Camellia Ave Phone: (818) 765-5255

Coldwater Canyon Elementary

Address: 6850 Coldwater Canyon Ave Phone: (818) 765-6634

Amelia Earhart Continuation

Address: 5355 Colfax Ave Phone: (818) 769-4877

Fair Avenue Elementary

Address: 6501 Fair Ave Phone: (818) 761-5444

Lankershim Elementary

Address: 5250 Bakman Ave Phone: (818) 769-3130

Joseph Le Conte Middle

Address: 1316 North Bronson Ave Phone: (323) 308-1700

James Madison Middle

Address: 13000 Hart St Phone: (818) 255-5200

John B. Monlux Elementary

Address: 6051 Bellaire Ave Phone: (818) 763-4963

North Hollywood Senior High

Address: 5231 Colfax Ave Phone: (818) 753-6200

Oxnard Street Elementary

Address: 10912 Oxnard St Phone: (818) 762-3397


Whiteman Airport

Code: WHP

Bob Hope Airport

Code: BUR

Van Nuys Airport

Code: KVNY

Santa Monica Municipal Airport

Code: KSMO

Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal Airport

Code: KHHR


Glen Fed Heliport

Code: 0CL4

ABC-TV Heliport

Code: 22CN

Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Heliport

Code: 29CL

Glendale Plaza Emergency Heliport

Code: 2CL7

J.H. Snyder Co. Iii Heliport

Code: 3CA6

Holy Cross Medical Center Heliport

Code: 3CA8

Van Nuys County Court Heliport

Code: 43L

Occidental Petroleum Heliport

Code: 44CN

Wilshire Area Heliport

Code: 44L

Dreamworks Helistop Glendale Heliport

Code: 5CA0

Engine Co Nr 108 Heliport

Code: 60L

Engine Co Nr 109 Heliport

Code: 61L

UCLA Emergency Medicine Department Heliport

Code: 6CA9

The Wilshire Thayer Heliport

Code: 70CA

Beverly Center Heliport

Code: 84CA

Century City Heliport

Code: CCD

NBC-TV Heliport

Code: 8CL3

United Ca Bank Data Processing Ops Heliport

Code: 8CL8

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Heliport

Code: CA46

St Joseph Medical Center Heliport

Code: CA95

Glendale Adventist Medical Center/Gamc Heliport

Code: CL06

Bank of America Glendale Heliport

Code: CL19

Queen of Angel-Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital Heliport

Code: CL70

Sherman Oaks Community Hospital Heliport

Code: CL80

Operating Engineers Pension Trust Bldg Heliport

Code: CN39

Barton Heliport

Code: PAI