Population 69,772
State California
County Los Angeles County
Current Time
Zip Codes 90262


Saint Francis Medical Center

Address: 3630 East Imperial Highway Phone: (310) 900-8900


Janie P. Abbott Elementary

Address: 5260 East Clark St Phone: (310) 603-1498

Lindbergh Elementary

Address: 3300 Cedar Ave Phone: (310) 603-1521

Lincoln Elementary

Address: 11031 State St Phone: (310) 603-1518

Lugo Elementary

Address: 4345 Pendleton Ave Phone: (310) 603-1493

Will Rogers Elementary

Address: 11220 Duncan Ave Phone: (310) 603-1542

Lynwood High

Address: 4050 East Imperial Hwy Phone: (310) 603-1582

Roosevelt Elementary

Address: 10835 Mallison Ave Phone: (310) 603-1511

Vista High (Continuation)

Address: 11300 Wright Rd Phone: (310) 603-1516

Mark Twain Elementary

Address: 12315 Thorson Ave Phone: (310) 603-1500

Washington Elementary

Address: 4225 Sanborn Ave Phone: (310) 603-1513

Wilson Elementary

Address: 11700 School St Phone: (310) 603-1525

Lynwood Middle

Address: 12124 Bullis Rd Phone: (310) 603-1466


Zamperini Field

Code: KTOA

Santa Monica Municipal Airport

Code: KSMO

Los Alamitos Army Air Field

Code: KSLI

Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal Airport

Code: KHHR

El Monte Airport

Code: KEMT

Compton Woodley Airport

Code: KCPM

Goodyear Blimp Base Airport

Code: 64CL


Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Heliport

Code: 01CN

Drew Medical Center Heliport

Code: 0CA0

Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport

Code: 0CL7

Sfi-Vernon Heliport

Code: 1CL9

L A Co Mens Detention Cntr-Main Jail Heliport

Code: 23CL

K & T 660 Figueroa Partners Heliport

Code: 2CA6

Commerce Business Park Heliport

Code: 2CL0

Department Of Water & Power Los Angeles Heliport

Code: 2CN6

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Heliport

Code: 30CL

Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center Heliport

Code: 35CA

Metropolitan Water District Heliport

Code: 3CL1

Chase Plaza Heliport

Code: 3CL5

Toyota Helistop

Code: 3CL8

Parker Center Heliport

Code: 45L

Transamerica Center Heliport

Code: 46CL

Lapd Hooper Heliport

Code: 4CA0

City National Bank Heliport

Code: 4CA1

St Francis Medical Center Helistop

Code: 4CA4

Randy Champe-Gary Howe Memorial Heliport

Code: 4CA9

L A Co Sheriff Lakewood Heliport

Code: 50CL

Terminal Annex Heliport

Code: 54L

Los Angeles Times-La Heliport

Code: 56CA

Jay Stephen Hooper Memorial Heliport

Code: 58CA

City Hall Heliport

Code: 59L

Edward Roybal Federal Bldg Heliport

Code: 5CL6

Hotel New Otani Los Angeles Heliport

Code: 6CA0

Carson Sheriff Station Heliport

Code: 7L1

Southeast Superior Court Heliport

Code: 83L

Norwalk Sheriff Station Heliport

Code: 84L

City National Plaza Heliport

Code: 87CL

California Mart Heliport

Code: 9CA5

Maguire-California Hospital Helipad

Code: CA23

Kilroy Ac8-Long Beach Heliport

Code: CA99

Usc University Hospital Heliport

Code: CL00

Biltmore Hotel Heliport

Code: CL08

Wells Fargo-Cv Heliport

Code: CL20

Caltrans District 7 Heliport

Code: CL31

Fib Administration & Operations Building Heliport

Code: CL32

International Tower Heliport

Code: CL49

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel Heliport

Code: CN25