Population 24,531
State California
County Kings County
Current Time
Zip Codes 93245, 93246


Akers Elementary

Address: Constellation Ave Phone: (559) 998-5707

Central Elementary

Address: 15783 18Th Ave Phone: (559) 924-7797

R. J. Neutra

Address: Community Center Dr Phone: (559) 998-6823

Stratford Elementary

Address: 19348 Empire Ave Phone: (559) 947-3391

Island Elementary

Address: 7799 21St Ave Phone: (559) 924-6424

Lemoore Elementary

Address: 573 Bush St Phone: (559) 924-6820

Meadow Lane Elementary

Address: Meadow Ln And Quandt Phone: (559) 924-6840

P. W. Engvall Elementary

Address: 19Th And Cedar Phone: (559) 924-6850

Liberty Middle

Address: 1000 Liberty Dr Phone: (559) 924-6860

Cinnamon Elementary

Address: 500 East Cinnamon Dr Phone: (559) 924-6870

Lemoore High

Address: 101 East Bush St Phone: (559) 924-6600

Lemoore University Elementary Charter

Address: 450 Marsh Dr Phone: (559) 924-6890


Corcoran Airport

Code: CRO

Lemoore Naval Air Station (Reeves Field) Airport

Code: KNLC

Hanford Municipal Airport

Code: KHJO

Vineyard Oaks Farm Airport

Code: CN15

Jones Farms Airport

Code: CA49

Central Valley Aviation Inc Airport

Code: CA40

Machado Dusters Airport

Code: CA05

Blair Strip

Code: 9CL5

Westlake Farms Airport

Code: 92CA

Swanson Ranch Nr 2 Airport

Code: 89CA

Swanson Ranch Nr 1 Airport

Code: 87CA

West Side Field Station Airport

Code: 7CA6

Al Divine Airport

Code: 65CL

Stone Land County Airport

Code: 36CA

Stone Airstrip

Code: 32CA

Newton Field

Code: 12CL


Hanford Community Medical Center Helistop

Code: 4CL8