Population 21,321
State California
County Los Angeles County
Current Time
Zip Codes 91008-91010


City Of Hope Helford Clinical Research Hospital

Address: 1500 E Duarte Road Phone: (626) 359-8111


Beardslee Elementary

Address: 1212 East Kellwil Way Phone: (626) 599-5200

Andres Duarte Elementary

Address: 1433 Crestfield Dr Phone: (626) 599-5100

Duarte High

Address: 1565 East Central Ave Phone: (626) 599-5700

Maxwell Elementary

Address: 733 Euclid Ave Phone: (626) 599-5300

Northview Intermediate

Address: 1401 Highland Phone: (626) 599-5600

Mountolive Alternative Education

Address: 1400 Mt. Olive Dr Phone: (626) 599-5900

Valley View Elementary

Address: 237 Melcanyon Rd Phone: (626) 599-5500

Royal Oaks Elementary

Address: 2499 Royal Oaks Dr Phone: (626) 599-5400


Cable Airport

Code: CCB

Brackett Field

Code: KPOC

El Monte Airport

Code: KEMT


Foothill Presbyterian Hospital Heliport

Code: 14CL

City of Industry Civic Financial Center Heliport

Code: 40CA

Sce Rosemead Heliport

Code: 6CA2

Recreation and Conference Center Heliport

Code: 9CA3

Wells Fargo-El Monte Heliport

Code: CL27

Robert D Cloud Heliport

Code: CL75

Haddicks Heliport

Code: CL87